[PROPOSAL] Tulum Coin - Regen Tulum

MAY 2022


TulumCoin is a decentralized community currency for Tulum and the Mayan Riviera. Created to fund and support Regenerative projects in this area that has a huge economical activity from tourism, thanks to its unique natural wonders and beauty.

NEAR Term Objectives

  • Introducing the community to the concept of the DAO,how to make proposals and vote, how to create NFTs and how to find their place in the NEAR DAO ecosystem.
  • Onboarding the community, businesses and organizations to the TulumCoin DAO and the Near Ecosystem.
  • Create live and virtual events to bring awareness to the community on how to take advantage of these new technological tools and protocols to create real and meaningful ways to decentralize and change things for the better.
  • Create content in spanish for local education with #near-hispano-guild


  • Lack of understanding of the protocols and uses of the blockchain and Web3
  • Not being able to transmit this knowledge to the community in an easy, clear and meaningful way.
  • Whales dominating the DAO

Target Audience

Tourists, locals, organizations and business owners that want to support Tulum in a meaningful way by using a community currency that gives back to help Tulum and the Mayan Riviera.


  • Educate the whole Tulum community on how the NEAR blockchain ecosystem works, the benefits of Web3 and how TulumCoin can be used to regenerate Tulum.
  • Fund the TulumCoin DAO in a collaborative and social way that involves not only financing, but also active participation in the community and the understanding of the uses of the NEAR protocol. This will create value for the TulumCoin token before it goes to market, and enable the DAO to make initial allocations to the active community and reward the early adopters of the ecosystem.
  • Provide a complementary currency can be used to pay for every service or product in Tulum, with the main objective to allocate a small percentage of the millions of dollars, pesos and crypto that are spent every day in this area to regenerative projects for the water and solid waste management, education, regenerative development and cultural preservation with Regen Tulum.
  • Build a custom wallet that can perform these transactions in a very easy and simple way, enabling every hotel, restaurant, or little local business to receive TulumCoin as their favorite currency knowing a fraction will go to projects that the community needs.

Why this project

Tulum is in an ecological and social emergency and we see this initiative as the hope to save it!

What would happen if we give a little % of every transaction made in Tulum to take an active action on the protection of its natural resources?

We could potentially raise millions of dollars for regenerative projects .

The project gives the people a tool to be able to make proposals, vote and allocate the funds each project needs to make solutions for the water, compost-trash-recycling systems and maintenance of the natural resources, protection of wildlife, mangroves and all the diverse native species from the region. This can counter the negative impact that unsustainable development and and empower a regenerative system based on natural wealth and a well functioning town that is organized and abundant.

What will you do

The first 3 months of the project we would focus mainly on growing the active community contributing to the system. This includes making more local people understand the NEAR protocol, the blockchain system and the web3 possibilities. We will invite people to be involved in the TulumCoin DAO with different ways to onboard like NFTulum collections, the Founders Club NFT, events, conferences, beach cleanups, etc. Every contribution gives access to the different tokens, airdrops, discounts, rewards and many benefits within the community system.

How will you do it

The TulumCoin DAO will enable the network of merchants that accept it and people that use it to be part of the decisions about how the token actually works. Creating content in spanish for locals to understand the Near ecosystem.
Do meetups to present the project and onboard the community.

The TulumCoin DAO will also sell TulumCoin founders club NFTs through the NFTulum Mintbase store and will work with local artists to launch NFT collections related to Tulum to raise money to develop TulumCoin and for regenerative projects.

The combination of the TulumCoin DAO and the TulumCoin token will enable us to organize ourselves, have clear communication, give voice to the community needs and have funds to regenerate Tulum.

We have initially set up the DAO as the following:

  1. Anyone from the DAO can submit proposals
  2. Token-weighted voting
  3. Use committees and groups
  4. Approval by the 50% of all groups


  • 6 Team members with NEAR Certified Analyst
  • AstroDAO with 7 accounts
  • Beginning to onboard people to the NEAR wallet
  • Introducing to the community the concept of the DAO and the way to interact in the proposals and interactions for the ecosystem.
  • Promoting the Founders Club NFTs and the local artists NFTulum collections

MILESTONES for the first 3 months

Milestone 1

Onboard 100+ people into the Near Ecosystem and TulumCoin DAO.

  • List of people and prove of the understanding about the Near protocol (videos and photos of the meeting and sessions)

Milestone 2

Mint NFT collections with 15+ artists that we will relate to the different aspects of regeneration
(we will mint and promote artist and regenerative proposals)


  • Cryptocoatl.near - project lead
  • thisisfah.near - marketing
  • francesipimenteln.nar - redes sociales and onboarding
  • valeoro.near - Content director

Key Assumptions

The main key assumption will be the onboarding to the NEAR protocol and the TulumCoin DAO for the community to be able to understand how blockchain works and have a voice in this project with the main and clear objective to create an economic flow to regenerative projects.

Project Roadmap

The long term objective of the project will be having a strong local complementary currency that enables any business or organization (e.g., hotels, restaurants, tour operators, grocery stores) in the region to participate in the regeneration movement by allowing customers to pay with TulumCoin. By accepting or using it, everyone can and will make a difference. 5% of withdrawal transactions out of the TulumCoin network go to a Regenerative Project Fund for Tulum to be voted on by the community. (Transactions inside the Tulum Coin network are free.)
here is the link to our miro RoadMap

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Thank you Steph, this is such a beautiful project that I hold dear to my heart because of how much I love Tulum and want to create a community that takes care of this place and can see it replicated all over Mexico and the world. Web 3 can be the solution to bring real change that is needed to start regenerating and change our paradigms. Together we can. Thank you to the Near community for being part of this. :heart:

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