[Proposal to House of Merit, rejected] BAF University Summit at Consensus

The BAF University Summit

The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) proudly presents the BAF University Summit, a landmark event uniting brilliant students, academics, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts across North America. We champion inclusivity, driving collaboration and innovation in this transformative space. Since 2019, BAF has bridged academia and industry through impactful events, research, and education. This year, we bring together hundreds at the Summit to engage with top protocols and industry leaders. Our ultimate goal is to create an International Scholarship Fund, empowering five exceptional Latin American students to attend the event and nurture the next generation of blockchain leaders.

Partnership with CoinDesk:

As the Official University Partner for CoinDesk at Consensus, The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) holds a unique position, including a dedicated room at the conference, offering sponsors an unparalleled opportunity for brand exposure, networking, and direct interaction with a vibrant and dedicated blockchain community. This partnership highlights our dedication to narrowing the divide between academia and the blockchain industry, enhancing innovation and collaboration.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Our biggest initiative is our Latin American Diversity Scholarship for travel. We are establishing a full travel scholarship for five high-performing students from Latin America to attend Consensus at no cost.

In exchange for student help with marketing and promoting the conference we are offering 100+ free student tickets to Consensus, Pro passes for student leaders, and complimentary housing for 100 students in the heart of Austin, Texas. We strive to open opportunities for all students to learn and grow here at Consensus with The BAF University Summit.

Explore what Consensus offers:

Activities for attendees:

  • Matchmaking students to different web3 protocols based on their skills, as well as facilitating connections with C-level executive
  • Inclusion-centered events for women and Latin Americans in blockchain.
  • Fireside chats with ecosystem leaders

As Community Partners, you can:

  • Showcase your organization’s R&D at the summit and connect with a diverse student audience interested in blockchain.
  • Recruit talented individuals you meet at the summit, form partnerships, and tap into the university space for unique opportunities beyond the summit.

Hear testimonials from past attendees:

Sriram Vishwanath | BAF Advisor, Professor at UT Austin, President of ChainHub Foundation (2023) - “BAF’s support was crucial in developing my blockchain development course at UT Austin, connecting us with industry experts, and securing student housing for 100+ students at Consensus. This partnership has enriched our curriculum and helped us bridge the gap between academia and the blockchain industry.”

khushii_w | Blockchain at Carnegie Mellon, and Prev Investor at Geometry (2023)

“BAF’s Student Housing enabled me to attend Consensus in 2022, marking the beginning of my journey into web3. The following year, at the BAF Research Symposium, I had the chance to interview leading researchers. These opportunities not only empowered me but also allowed me to connect with some of the smartest people I know.”

Aiden0x4 | Blockchain at Northwestern, Founder of WalletLabels (2022):

Through BAF initiatives, I was able to attend conferences around the world and landed jobs at top protocols. BAF is a great group of people!

Funding Request:

Your support will enable us to realize our vision for the BAF University Summit, providing a foundational experience for the next generation of blockchain professionals. In return, sponsors will gain significant brand recognition, the chance to impact the educational journey of future blockchain leaders, and tiered opportunities for meaningful engagement with summit participants. All sponsors play a crucial role in shaping the future of blockchain education and research, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of technological advancement.

Total Funding Requested: $5,000.00

  • A feature on the Student Guide to Consensus
  • Branding + PR on Twitter and Newsletters showcasing your sponsorship funding
  • Opportunities to provide promotional materials for attendees
  • Join in on a panel or co-organize events with BAF at Consensus


Join us in making the BAF University Summit a landmark event for blockchain education and collaboration. Your contribution will not only position your brand at the forefront of innovation within the blockchain community, but also support the development of an inclusive, innovative, and forward-thinking ecosystem. Together, we can make this event a landmark in blockchain education to inspire and nurture the talents that will drive the future of blockchain technology. Let’s pioneer the future of blockchain technology and cultivate the next generation of industry leaders together.


Are there any speakers from NEAR planned to participate in the summit program?

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yes, I will be there