[Proposal] The Cook With Near Event

[Proposal] The Cook With Near Event

As part of our agenda to contribute to growing the Near web3 space, we are proposing the “Cook With Near” event.


There will be talks on Near Protocol and NFTs
where Chef and all food lovers will have Near wallets created for them. We will also educate them about Near and how to utilize and maximize web3 solutions.

The event will feature a cooking competition. The criteria for participating in the competition will be purchasing of NFT tickets.

Participating chefs and cooks will create unique recipes and meals in the presence of the live audience using the same ingredients we present.
Our target audience is between 20 to 30 people.

The best recipes and meals will be picked and minted as NFTs. Others will get consolation prizes such as Near customised aprons, etc. This merchandise will also help with continuous publicity of Near.

This event will be streamed live on Nearhub and our YouTube channel.


*Onboarding of 20 to 30 chefs and cooks
*Minting of NFTs recipes

*Minting and sale of NFT Tickets.

Graphics, animations, fliers and banners. $150
Venue $250
Logistics (power, P.A. system, transportation, items for the cooking competition, etc.) $300
Near branded Merchandise: $300
Prizes: $200
Infographics, and decorating of the Hall $200
Refreshments $150
Video $100

Total: $1650

Hey there! A few questions here:

  • Where is the Venue
  • What and how much march are you planning on having?
  • Is there a date for this event?
  • What platform will you be using for your NFT Ticketing system?
  • How many chefs will be participating?


Gabriel Event Centre (tentatively)


Tamago’s Tama Island on Nearhub

Aprons, toque blanches, mugs and cups, shopping bags, mittens etc. - all branded with Near Logo.

We’re looking to have about at least 15 and most 30 of each item.

We’ve tentatively set between 28th and 30th of July.


Between 20 to 30.