[PROPOSAL] Bounty for Flashcards on Web3 and NEAR

Proposing Guild: Syzygy guild
Guild council: @mafor @debenick @reina @beet93

Proposal budget: $200

We are looking for fun but meaningful ways to engage the community, people outside of NEAR and we think a bounty will be a good start. The plan is to have a bounty where participants (community and general) will send in a few lines on what Web3 is, what they expect it to be or how it has helped them so far. The participants will be free to choose between talking about Web3 or NEAR.


  • We plan for this bounty to run from the second or third week of April, to the end of the month.

  • We shall pick 10 winners

  • The quotes will be published on our Twitter account.

  • We may solicit the help of the NEAR Design Guild to make the quotes into cards.

Bounty - $20 per winning card

Expected outcomes

  • Improved engagement with and within the community. By sharing experiences and perceptions of the ecosystem/Web3, we expect people to be more curious and interested in NEAR and Web3.

  • Onboarding

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That’s some great one!