[PROPOSAL] SvaraDAO | Indonesia to the World | August 2022

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This August, SvaraDAO will bring you a special edition of Indonesia to the World featuring one of the greatest Indonesian reggae musicians, RAS MUHAMAD. He is known for his thick Jamaican Patois accent and toasting style of reggae singing and he’s collaborated with Julian Marley, the son of Bob Marley. Beside becoming a brand ambassador of The House of Marley audio system, he is also signed by German’s Oneness Records, one of the biggest reggae music record labels in the world. He also like to include social critics that are happen in his home country in Indonesia into his lyrics. Blending reggae music and Indonesian culture, make him a unique artist that can share much in SvaraDAO’s Indonesia to the World program.

The format will be an online talk show and open discussion through zoom and will be broadcasted also in SvaraDAO’s social media handles. However, since August still has couple of weeks left, we will make this month’s Indonesia to the World series with RAS MUHAMAD extended until the month of September, so that the audience, especially Indonesian who will participate in this program can have more information about how to make their music be known internationally in traditional music market or in web3 environment.

For the funding we are requesting $100 for one session that will be held this August, while the other sessions for this series with RAS MUHAMAD will be held on September so we will make another proposal for September’s funding.

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