[proposal] street dance competition and onboarding of professional dancers in nigeria; for the dance dao

My name is Roxy (The Entertainer), I am one of the post-production and Cinematography Crew of the C1 Guild. I am directly involved in some of the artworks and visual contents posted by some members of the Ecosystem;


And I have also participated in different Bounties by different DAO, of which the Vertebra Logo Bounty by the CUDO DAO is in session

In my field of career as a Music Video Director, I have been privileged to work with alot of Professional Dancers; these sets of Creatives put in energy to make our visual contents captivating and fun to watch.

In this regard, and with the mission of the Dance DAO, I thought it wise we organise a Street Dance Competition in Nigeria.

This competition will prompt participating Dancers to register by just opening a NEAR Wallet, and making sure each of their members opens a NEAR Wallet too; and as well follow us in the Dance DAO.

There will be only one winner. The competition will be in stages until we get a winner.

We would also talk about NEAR Blockchain before and in-between the competition. So that interested on-lookers could be onboarded.

The event would be documented. The artwork of the event would be minted as NFT under the NEAR Protocol, while the full video of the show would stand as unlockables after purchasing the Artwork.

-To onboard and educate Professional Dancers and Audience about the NEAR web3 ecosystem.
-To create and activate their various NEAR wallets.
-To accumulate video NFTs that’ll be minted in the DAO Mintbase store.
-Their involvements would serve as a platform to reach out to thousands of their followers and onboard them as well.

The Artwork & edited Video NFTs will be minted with split revenue & royalty of 30% to the DAO wallet and 70% to the Dance Groups in order to help them experiment.

To achieve this, we need Cameras Coverage, DJ Sound and Airdrop links (for wallet activation)


Video Documentation =$200
DJ & Sound = $100
Winners Bounty = $100
Resource Reserved to pay self =$50
Artwork =$50

Total = $500

Including 3 $NEARs to activate 15 wallets

20 Pictures and the videos documented during the event would be available for minting one week after the event

Wallet for Project Payout:


@Psalmy Hello Fam, could we still consider this Proposal for June?

If there are recommendations, please kindly get back to me via DM

@Roxy theyre changes now you need to meet me via dm on telegram to guide you or I can simply explain here.
Advert are no longer accepted by creatives, if you need advert check this out by marketing DAO :arrow_down:

And before submitting a new proposal to our DAO please go through this :arrow_down: :point_down:

If you have any further questions please dm privately
See you soon :soon:

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That’s cool fam. I have made the necessary correction.
I have a target to onboard 15 dancers during this event. And I stated it in the number of wallets I would activate.

I am minting the Pictures and Videos documented during this event.