[Proposal] Story Time with Blaqk Stereo (A Visit to Badagry)

Hello, creatives.
This is a re-up or reboot of the contest but on an entirely new scale.
Link to the previous contest report

Storytime with blaqk stereo started off as a contest but the real intention was to evolve to something even much bigger. This month, 5 newly onboarded photographers along with the project lead for this project lead @Hawwal, assisted by @Sholaspark will be taking a trip to Badagry Lagos to visit the first story-building ever constructed in Nigeria (Read more about this historical site here.
These photographers will be given the privilege of taking multiple pictures of this historical site and these pictures will be minted as NFTs.

There are so many historical sites in Nigeria with amazing stories that not a lot of people even know, we want to use this to build awareness for this giving people an opportunity to know our history as a people and be a part of our culture by owning these NFTs.


  • 5 amazing photographers will be hand-picked from a selection that will take place on Instagram. The selection will be based on 3 criteria: Creativity, a keen eye for storytelling, and photography skills.
  • The selection phase will last 5 days after which selection will commence by taking a day and a visit to the Historical site.
  • After the pictures have been taken, 5 videos will be created documenting these 5 photographers, their planning phase, delivery of shots, calculation, and creativity.
  • These videos will be voted as polls on Astro where our community will choose who their favorite photographer is.
  • Lastly the last two Photographers will be judged by the Council of blaqk Stereo where one winner will emerge.
    *There will be a 1st and 2nd runner-up for this challenge.


  • At least 50 pictures will be minted to our store
  • Onboarding and wallet creation of at least 10 Photographers
  • Increased engagement on Astro Dao through poll votes.


Catergory Prize $USD
Winner 150
1st 100

Budget break-down

Item description Price $USD
Video coverage Camera hire, DOP, Gaffers, Light, Location Vehicle 500
welfare for 12 people ($14 per person for full day) x 12 people - Food vendor 168
Miscellanous extra operational cost encountered 60
Prizes which includes the winner and the 2 runner-ups 250
Total ________ 978

Payout request: $978

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Hello, Community.
The third contestant photographer selected to be amongst the photographers in this production got disqualified due to her absence from the set. The third prize of 60 USD in this contest has however been removed and added to the extra operational cost we encountered during the production of this project. A full detailed report will be given on this soonest.