[Report] Storytime (Visit to Badagry)

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Hello, Creatives,
This is a detailed report of our visit to the town of Badagry situated in Lagos Nigeria to create a documentary of the historical site (titled First story building in Nigeria)and NFTs.
On this expedition, we went along with two photographers :

  • kingace88.near
  • kingcreatorr.near

also along with us was the film crew and our tour guide Desire Tours Badagry who took us around Badagry where we visited an additional historic site which was a slave museum where slaves were sold in the 18 century, all this was covered in the documentary video(link to be provided shortly).

Here’s a twitter post with some of the pictures we took during our visit.

Several pictures were taken but only the most iconic was selected to be minted to blaqk stereo store and here are the links:

  • kingace888.near NFT
  • kingcreatorr.near NFT
Wallets opened:
  • kingace88.near
  • kingcreatorr.near

Here’s the video link:

A mini contest was held and the community voted on Blaqk stereo Astro for their favourite photographer where:
kingace88.near emerged as the winner of the $150 USD prize &
kingcreatorr.near came in 1st place winning $100 USD.

This was a really beautiful project as it was a time of reflection for me personally to always appreciate everyday we get to live. We look forward to exploring even more historical places and make even more NFTs with great video content for our youtube page.
Thanks so much :hugs:

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