[proposal] social networks and public relations


Impact and value:

We expect to grow 55SP’s followers having as its central objective to publicize the podcasts, with relevant and free research content, we believe that hiring a public relations agency that will take the podcasts to important communication vehicles plus the instagram ads, will generate engagement, growth in the number of followers of both the instagram itself and the podcasts on their respective platforms and with it aggregating these values and concepts to the Near community.

After June working on preparing press releases and media kits + meetings to understand better the 2 ongoing projects to work July and August: Ressonancia Podcasts and Mothering

PR Agency - Lema @AgLema


July and August are going to be

Metrics for measuring success:

  • In the last month we had growth in the accounts reached, accounts engaged and total followers compared to the last month. We have progressively increased our reach and we intend to continue at this pace of growth.

  • In May we grew +0,5% in accounts reached, 16.4% in terms of interaction and 0.3% in number of followers.
  • This month we reach +815% highlighting the importance of funding and community Near.
  • In July we plan to keep up the growth with ads, Pr and also because we have 2 new projects with lots of potential on the way.
  • We are publicizing our partnership with near on our networks and tagging all our posts with #nearprotocol and #near
  • We also mention Near support at podcast description in all platforms.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

  • Produce 2 weekly posts on Instagram
  • Produce 10 weekly stories
  • Weekly boosts with investments of 20 to 25 USD per week. We believe it is necessary to invest a little more in boosting some posts on Instagram to continue to reach more people and interactions. This month we are going to focus on boosting Ressonância Podcasts Posts and Ressonancia Reels.
  • As last month we targeted 12,2 and reached 12,3 k, we believe in maintaining consistency and regularity in publications, through teasers edited and created for Resonance Project and this month with focus on Mothering we can reach 13,6k followers.
  • Create relations with communication and art vehicles, web magazines, other podcasts, with the support of PR agency with focus on Mothering that has a great potential to be in the media as it is an urgent and important topic.

Funding Details July:

  • Public Relation for 55SP Projects (Mothering + Ressonancia Project): 450 USD
  • Boost on Instagram: 150 USD
  • Motion and edition video posts: 150 USD
  • Production of posts: 100 USD

Subtotal 850 USD

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