[PROPOSAL] Screenplay Project for Thespians DAO's Film Drama Series with up to 5 Episodes, to be written by Jobonson Smart

Hello Creatives, we have a great news!!!

We have started our journey in producing the first ever “NEAR Film Drama Series”.

As part of our 3 DAO Movement: To Educate, To Onboard and to Entertain, we will be scripting the first Film Drama that will be coming out of our Ecosystem.

We have huge plans for this project, because it is going to be a long term series of activities, but we will take it slow and steady :blush:

We had some discussions with the Award Winning Nollywood Script writer, Jobonson Smart, and we are happy to say that he will be joining us in this project; from start to finish.

Jobonson Smart has written over 20 movies for Nollywood, and he has a very good record in delivering good and enticing scripts; as well as supervising into reality of the script as either Continuity Manager, Director, Assistant Director or Production Manager.

Little Bio:
Smart, Ify Jobonson - Filmmaker
Trained Script Supervisor, Writer & Director for ROK Studies, Lagos Nigeria. Assistant Director, Ojukwu and Living in Abuja ROK Original Series. Writer/Director Homework, Daddy’s Angels and many yet to be released amazing feature films.

These are just few of the collections from his socials:

Jobonson Smart is a graduate of Theatre and Film Studies Department, from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. Since his graduation in 2015, he has played a vital role in the script writing section of the Nollywood Industry; having worked with top celebrities in Nigeria

So, when the need for a good script for our Maiden Film Drama Series arose, Jobonson is the right man for the job.

Our agreement is that he will write five Episodes for our first Season for us, we will be premiering on the Metaverse and Cinema houses all across the world, kick-starting in Nigeria.

The series will center on Artiste transition from web2 to Web3; giving us avenue to communicate it’s benefits and important of getting involved in the activities of NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

It is going to be a huge project, and we can’t just wait to get started.

And on the process as well, we will onboard Jobonson Smart into the NEAR Ecosystem and get him going from there.

Cost Of Scripting the 5 Episodes - $200

Activities & timelines:
April 1st - Jobonson Smart starts developing the script
May 1st - the script will be ready for discussions

Jobonson will have to request his payment via Astrodao after onboarding, so the payment has to be in Thespians DAO wallet for him to have access to it and get involved in the process.

Targeted wallet: thespians.sputnik-dao.near

Cc: @creativesdao-council

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