[Proposal] Scout Yarn Volume 3 Continues

Scout Yarn Volume 3
Scout Yarn is basically scout songs which we always sing during our activities such as hiking, parade, camping, investiture, etc.
We were being able to Produce and recored 4 in our last project.
it was a great experience, now we wanna continue with 4 new more tracks to on-board 4 new singers from the troop to the DAO including 6 backup singers.

4 scout yarns as in whole tracks Monthly

This yarn will always be recorded in chorus of 6 to 10 people (scout members)

After these yarn has been recorded and packaged, we gonna continue minting them as an NFT.

Funding breakdown

Production, Mixing and Mastering For 4 Tracks $200 each x 4 = $800
artwork for each track to be minted $30 each x 4 = $120

Total amount needed = $920