[Proposal] RETRATO FALADO Setembro

Hello friends at CudoDAO

Our project is getting more and more solid and so, we will continue with the Retrato Falado.
Our goal continues to be to work for the project to be more consistent and expansive, aiming for interviews with more and more relevant guests, thus increasing the popularity of our community.

In August we invited 2 more participants. The TV host and digital influencer Monica Fonseca and the president of CUFA MG, Francis Santos. Our intention is to record this season on 08/25/2022. From these interviews, the 5 most impactful scenes from each episode will be transformed into NFTs and will be available for sale in our Mintbase.

Two more episodes that make up the fifth season with Samora MC and Wanatta’s interviews are already completed and will be available on our Youtube Channel and Instagram on Wednesday, August 31, and September 7.

So, now we’re ready to keep doing this project =)

Let us know what you think about this project and feel free to help us create more and more content on CUDO DAO. Also, please follow us on our social networks
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