[PROPOSAL] Retrato Falado - APRIL

Hello my friends!

Retrato Falado is a conversation between the photographer and a personality, where during the interview, we build the image as the photo shoot develops.

For this pilot we invited Nina Guimarães, already in the first season, we recorded with the dancer Augusto César (Black), the councilman Marcos Crispim, the lawyer Francielle Alexo and the muay thai athlete Karen Machado.
The first season will be published in the first week of April on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned.

From these interviews, the 5 most striking photos from each episode will be turned into NFTs and will be available for sale in our mintbase .

For the Retrato Falado that will be recorded in April, we are aiming for the growth and popularity of our community and consequently of CudoDAO. Our focus is on an interview with a personality that has a great reach on the internet.
Thinking about this, we will come back with the production of 1 episode, so we can keep this criterion regarding the guest, aiming for an exponential growth.

Tell us what you think about this project and feel free to help us create more and more content on CUDO DAO.

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This project is amazing!
#GOCUDO :rocket:


It’s a great idea to bring more engagement to the ecosystem. No doubt it will be a success

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Oh God, this project is amazing! I really like it!

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I love it


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