[PROPOSAL] Research for Artivist DAO – Preliminary Research

Who we are: [[INTRODUCTION] Artivist Guild / Artivist DAO]

Last approved proposal: [[APPROVED] Artivist DAO: Funding request for April 2022]

DAO: artivist.sputnik-dao.near

Council: @carolbampa , @mhartenthal

Hello community! :sunflower:

This survey is based on our first proposal made in the Near community and that for reasons of fund logistics we decided to apply it in the month of May.

This was excellent for us because we found an extremely competent and experienced partner in this type of research, Mariana Hartenthal. :slightly_smiling_face:


This survey will be in our May funding proposal, so we want you to help us with opinions so we can do our job in the best way :star_struck:

Here is:

Preliminary Research ARTIVIST DAO - MAY 2022

Main goal
The main goal of this research is to provide information to support the development of Artivist Dapp in terms of functionality and design, so that the platform can attract as many artists, organizations, and activist collectors as possible. The main focus will be the artists, but I will also talk with activists, independent social and environmental organizations as well as other art professionals, galleries, and collectors. The current proposal is for preliminary research, but during the development of the Dapp I will continue to conduct research with other stakeholders and about other aspects of the project. The idea is to adapt future research goals to the needs that will arise in each step of the Dapp development.

Specific goals
Identify what artists who already create NFTs in the NEAR ecosystem expect from an application such as Artivist Dapp in terms of functionality and design;
Identify what are the barriers that keep β€œtraditional” artists who work with social and environmental justice away from NFTs;
Identify organizations that might be part of the dapp launch;
Identify possible collaborators for future UX and usability tests.

The qualitative research mostly based on semi-structured interviews, either in person or through video calls. Emails and social media exchange will also be considered as relevant sources as they take place in the virtual world, where information on digital art circulates. To support the conclusions, I will also resort to traditional bibliographical research and visit to websites and other online archives. I will not make transcriptions of the interviews, but they will be taped if the participants allow. I will keep the audio files for one year after the dapp is launched. I will present the conclusions I gather from the interviews to the other Artivist team members verbally and in the form of weekly reports. I will write one article by the end of the month, to be shared with team members and in the Creative DAO forum.
I will find interviewees through two main ways: 1. Through online research (websites, NEAR forums, Discord, and other social media), and 2. Through referrals by other participants.
Obs.: In the web3 ecosystem it’s customary to offer bounties to collaborators. We will do that, but I will not talk only to artists or other professionals and organizations who already have NEAR wallets, so that our findings is not limited to the NEAR universe.

Number of interviews
The number of interviews will depend on the availability of the collaborators, but the goal is to have at least six by the end of the month. That does not take into account other forms of exchange such as email, messages, and informal conversation. In the future, I will conduct other interviews as needed.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for bringing me to this amazing project! I believe Artivist has the potential to grow and serve as an important platform for our community.