[Proposal] Removal of "chloethedev.near" from "communitysquad.sputnikdao.near" council

This proposal is to remove the “chloethedev.near” account from the “communitysquad.sputnikdao.near” council.

Reasons for removal:

  • chloethedev.near is an alt account (would be more appropriate to have chloe.near added)
  • There are already too many members on the DAO council for efficient voting for a v1 sputnikDAO (would love to join a similarly purposed v2/Astro DAO in the future). My removal will hopefully expedite the voting process and help funds get to the community members that need them more efficiently.
  • In my opinion, there are not yet efficient processes developed within the DAO (v1 doesn’t allow for much flexibility) for me to feel comfortable with voting “yes” on many proposals at the moment. (my “NO” votes would only serve to further delay the dissemination of funds")

This proposal follows an earlier one from @starpause:

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Voted “no” because as a very active voter on the Community Squad DAO your removal would not expedite the voting processes (quite the opposite actually especially now that the council has trimmed down). If you wanted to vote in your other account which would be more appropriate, happy to vote on another proposal with this in mind.

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