Proposal: random shuffle of Validators list

Alphabetical order of validators on the staking page is wrong and gives motivation to pools to abuse it by naming like “00001_pool” or “aaa_pool”. Lets reshuffle the list randomly so every pool will have equal chances to stay on the top, reorder runs on every page refresh. Existing search bar will help users to find specific pool.

Pull request of the fix Random shuffle of Validators list introduced by zavodil · Pull Request #1443 · near/near-wallet · GitHub


Totally support this proposal, many other Blockchains do this from the day one.


Good idea, since we have no mechanisms to regulate the stake at the protocol level, we need to spread stakes as much as possible with alternative solutions.
For example give more priority at the sorting for pools with less stakes and with less delegators and somehow idicate pools who holds 30% of total stake to give them less priority.
In this way it is possible to distribute tokens more evenly among the pools.


Many thanks for support! Pull request merged and wallet already updated!

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