[PROPOSAL] Product Designer|DAOrecords|April 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Product Designer
Previous report: [REPORT] Product Designer|DAOrecords|March 2022
Proposal for the month and year: April 2022

• Finalize DAOrecords.org prototype
• Communicate with Dev team during the development process, adjust and implement changes as needed
• Set up Trello board to coordinate and manage development with Dev team
• Revisit T.R.O.A.C.O. design to optimize website speed, adjust design elements as needed
• Design reusable template for SoundSplash NFT drops
• Facilitate DAOrecords.io design sprint workshops
• Work on DAOrecords.io redesign
• Update Admin screen design according to DAOrecords.io guidelines


April will be very challenging in terms of design, many processes will run in parallel to each other, it will require a lot of coordination with Dev team to deliver products on time, we will be implementing use of Trello as managing tool to organize the process. Dev team and I will be holding meetings twice a week to break down, prioritize, assign tasks, as well as check the progress and troubleshoot. I plan to complete the DAOrecords.org, T.R.O.A.C.O. and SoundSplash template, run design sprint and begin the design process for DAOrecords.io

Expected hours to contribute: 80


Hey @lelen.maramar congrats on your first post and report for March! Pls don’t forget to put the $ amount under the hours, then submit your proposal to the DAO for your payout. Thanks for all the hard work and patience!