[Proposal] Participation in NearCon 2021 | Lisboa - Tanda DApp

¡Hello community!

The team working on Tanda DAPP at NEAR Hispano Guild is interested in participating in the NearCon 2021, the biggest event of Near Protocol and blockchain in the world. This proposal is to request a grant intended to participate and cover the travel to Lisboa for 3 team members from Mexico.

What is the purpose of Tanda DApp from NEAR Hispano at Lisboa 2021?

  • Make a presentation about what we was working on NCD Bootcamp from Near hispano Guild, hosted by Education Near.
  • Promote NCD Bootcamp organized by NEAR Hispano Guild in order to invite people to learn and develop in NEAR in Mexico.
  • Show DApps and tools developed in NEAR Hispano by Developers in Residence. This includes Tanda DApp, a savings Dapp based on the Tanda model used in Mexico; Savings Web App that implements an informal savings model from Mexico, popularly known as Tanda.
  • Promote the Dapps and blockchain technology from Near Protocol.

Details about the event

Website: https://nearcon.org/
Event date: 26-27 Oct, 2021.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEARProtocol

For participating in this event we are requesting to cover the expenses of traveling, being in Lisboa for 5 days and paying the sponsor costs of NearCon 2021.

Detailed costs for travel (3 people):

  • Flights | $3800 USD
  • Airbnb apartment, 4 Nights from 24-28 Octubre | $600 USD

Team members:

  • Manuel Haro - tuxcan.near
  • Joyce Lozano - joybrix.near
  • Isaac Klassen - aklassen.near

Total grant requested: $4400USD