[PROPOSAL] onenone Spring into Summer Season - June 2022

Requested Funding Amount : $3800 USD in Near

Love and blessings Creatives Community! This post is specifically focused on the below project within the entirety of the onenone June proposal. We hope everyone finds all the information organized and professional. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy

Onenone Spring into Summer Season:

Project timeline: June 1st 2022

Completion Date : June 30th 2022

Project Outline Metrics:
4 countries of operations

4 categories of design projects
Fashion- Paris, France
Interior- Rotterdam, Netherlands
Product- Albany, CA
Digital- Denver , Colorado

2 full time designers
(@Free & @inakes )

2 part time designers
( @johnnyonthespot )
3D designer will be onboarded this month

2 full time partners this month
Quardin- Rotterdam, Netherlands - Interior
Isakin - Paris, France - Fashion

1 mentorship/ creative workshop -
Underhill Studios
Albany, CA

1 Artisan residency - @inakes Atelier
Sayulita, Mexico

FASHION DESIGN - @Free - $800

Physical: Collaboration with @isakinparis $550

@free will be leading the fashion design project as we partner with Isakin to produce 10 hieroglyphic hand painted white neoprene honeycomb and white cotton jackets. These jackets will represent the dedication that Isakin has had to France and the dedication onenone has to representing historical contextual designs.

Free will be live painting abstract imagery to respectfully represent the Native and urban diaspora of France. This painting will be done on the white neoprene fabric which will then be transformed into jackets by local tailors.

Isakin is dedicated to upcycling , full circle Production within France, and limited exclusive partnerships/ clothing releases. We are very lucky to partner with Thomas the founder / director of Isakin and very excited for this project.

Digital: Captured by @leonardporche_ $250

Full documentation (photo/ video) of a live painting performance in front of the Sacre Couer which will be made into a multi branded commercial asset. This digital assets will be utilized when producing nft/crypto affiliate


@Inakes will be leading the interior design project as we partner with Quardin

to design the meditation room in their state of the art two story artist development headquarters. This meditation room will be designed for everyone such as visitors, artist, and executives for improving the state of mind, body, and spirit.

Quardin and onenone share a strong passion for guiding, mentoring, and assisting the youth. Through our collaboration we will offer in person educational walkthroughs of our design process as well as receiving local suggestions to assist with direct enjoyability.

Quote from Quardin

“Quardin wants to offer a platform to young people to work on everyone’s talent together. With the aim of increasing their independence, self-responsibility and self-confidence.

We do this because we want to give a face to a community that is often viewed negatively. These young people are also part of society. We want to empower them and show the Netherlands what they have to offer.”

PRODUCT DESIGN, - @Johnnyonthespot- $800-

Please visit our May report to view the interior design terrarium project as well as the example of the copper emblems to have a thorough connection to the projects John will be producing.

Johnnyonthespot will be located full time in Albany, California in his Underhill studios headquarters, there he will continue to develop his mentorship program and design in multiple of our artisanal avenues;

Interior design $400
(onenone x underhill gallery) - consistent building of onenone x underhill gallery. This gallery will be completed by end of summer.
Our gallery in underhill studios headquarter will be built throughout this summer season to offer a representative space of our productions. Here we will host artisans while also utilizing the space as a physical marketplace for visitors/clients.

Product design- $250

Copper emblems
These copper emblems are our version of a “tag” . These tags will offer stewards an image of the artisan who designed the artifact, an image of the artifact as well as our brand logo, and any necessary digital information to prove ownership etc.

5- 7 hrs are utilized to produce each of these emblem tags.

Onenone logo burning branding tool
Johnny will be forging a hand sized branding tool in which our artisans can use to lightly burn our brand into an array of materials.

Mentorship- $150
John has received mentorship request from Bay Area residence to learn from him as a master jewelery. This month he will begin testing out and designing how this program can be mutually beneficial for all parties / walks of life


Our digital design artisan is currently a full time profession digital design artist for a large company located in Denver, Colorado.

Our projects really inspire them to produce digital assets aligned with the values we represent. We have come to the agreement that they will offer as much time as healthy and have the choice to choose which digital asset(s) is/ are most aligned per month.

Most likely they will be continuing to expand on producing digital versions of our fashion / artifact physical products.


This month Onenone will be beginning the residency program where we will offer aligned artisan / artisans the opportunity to live/ work in Sayulita, Mexico for the Summer Season. In exchange of residency we will be receiving artisanal productions to expand our marketplace and/or aligned services that provide benefit to the onenone team equal of value (therapy, education, etc etc).

We will absolutely be sharing this opportunity with the creatives community etc! Below you will find a few photos


Thank you all