[proposal] NXM live t-shirt for membership Cameroon

Thanks to the NXM community and it’s councilors for surpoting me to accomplish the Cameroon Nxm live event am so grateful :pray::pray::pray::pray:Due to the situation am facing here we planning on getting a near t shirt that we can use on promoting the NXM community and near_protocol .
My people and I are seriously believing in the near web3 ecosystems but am planning to make it professional on a way that they can recognize our NXM community in a professional way so am asking for your support to enable this project to be successfull because we are black difficult to convince and also they need something to convince them more , since I don’t have a laptop to make them feel the metaverse and it’s party with all the fun in the ecosystem some are looking at it as child’s but am working on it step by step for now . The Cameroon Nxm live event was so successful that I was so happy at the end,I was stress up and even I’ll but JAH BLESSED the Event was successful I put onn my nxm t-shirt and they all feel me. So i believe by the t-shirts we can promote the NXM community and it’s guild we can use it to present in the feature
For the t-shirts it can be available for $20 each with both printed , and will be needed about 25 copies will $500 IMG-20211226-WA0018|562x500 wanted to pleed on behalf of the councilors to help me on convinceing my people into the near_protocol NXM live and more


Hi @Jahzonemusician it would be great to see a report from the event you did recently. I did see some photos and videos, but a proper report quantifying all the details will definitely bolster future proposals. Plus we would love to see the number of people onboarded and how you’re activating them in the NxM ecosystem. Have they joined the telegram group?

This particular proposal is not in line with the goals of NxM, also the amount you’re requesting is far to high for NxM to support. I suggest you look at submitting a “Merch” proposal to Swagger DAO.

Would love to get feedback from council - @chloe @grace @zeitwarp @nullzero @Paul @Monish016


I agree with @vandal that detailed report about your event in December would be awesome and I believe the Swagger DAO will help you with the merch.

In general, I would buy such t-shirt, also I would love to see more different designs and colours!


SwaggerDAO seems like a good fit here for now. They’ve designed and sell NEAR swag already.

If you do decide to move forward with creating an NxM branded item I have some thoughts. I’d be keen to see it deployed as a general retail item on store.near.org when NxM and the music ecosystem is developed to a stage of mass adoption.
Some questions I’d have with the above in mind:

  1. The current NxM branding is still early phase and not necessarily the enduring brand.
  2. How will the shirts be used?

The store is currently under maintenance but I’d highly recommend taking a look at it as advised by the others.

Great engagement, keep up the good work.

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Thanks to all your contribution I will do as you have said

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I thought I summit all the details that was necessary but lemme check it out again