[Proposal] New NEAR Cups for Arroz Estudios

Proposal for April 2022

Project members: Eric Hanu, @StevenR, Arroz Estudios

TOTAL COST = 760€ = 849$


Guild name: Arroz Criativo
Funding scheme: One-time

Initiative summary:
Since 2018 we have printed and used our own reusable cups for the venue. The cups were brought in a ‘green drive’ to move away from single use plastic. Each cup has been designed by a different resident artist and so they have become hugely successful with our fan base with people taking each new design home.

This proposal is to fund the next iteration of the cup that will include a NEAR logo on the design. The cup has been designed by Eric Hanu a digital and NFT artist that has been using one of our studios and mentoring one of our Planting Air residents.

The cups will highlight our ongoing synergies with the NEAR ecosystem and will act as a further reminder to our community about the opportunities available from getting involved with the NEAR ecosystem & technology. As we’re. moving more of our analogue systems onto the NEAR blockchain the cups will serve as a visual reminder of this to all participants. Some examples of previous designs below…

This one from @laurapnz designed and printed in 2019

This one from Eddie in 2020! @ted.iv

And the suggested design from Eric

For info our current metrics / attendees are between 2k-5k people coming to the venue every month, this will increase to around 4k-7k in the summer.

I’ve also attached the previous invoice at the bottom of the proposal.

Metrics for measuring success
People from our community further engaging with the NEAR ecosystem which will be in the form of:

  • People opening their wallets after membership NFT creation
  • Attending workshops
  • Using the NEAR token for payment
  • Using & buying NFTs

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones
We aim to order the cups by the end of this week and receive by the end of the month.

Links to other proposals can be found in our guild page here:

Funding Details

  • NEAR Wallet ID : arrozestudios.near
  • Wallet owner’s name : Arroz Estudios / Dynamic Sardine Assocciaçao / Steven MacKay


Good evening. Is it about cup produce proposal only?

I see the great design and Near logo, but how many people we can on board in Near Ecosystem? What the metrics?

Could you please share detailed information about workshops ? Date / time / topic…


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Hey Dacha,

Yes this post is about the cup proposal only :+1:

In terms of metrics, I think it’s best to view this proposal as a piece of the large puzzle of onboarding our pre-existing community.

We’re running workshops every Wednesday, onboarding our artists into NEAR and also in April we’ll be switching our membership system over to NEAR where we’ll be onboarding our community at about 500 per week (fingers crossed for the dev)

As we develop all of these projects it’s important to develop the brand awareness around NEAR so people are more likely to research further and ultimately engage with the technology. This is where the cups proposal comes in as it’s a good visualization of how NEAR is integrated with our community and will help build engagement, awareness and trust long term.

Let me know thoughts, you can also get me on telegram if it’s easier :pray::pray:


This is awesome, Kudos! :clap:

How many cups will be made?


1110 cups will be printed, this will last for an estimated 4-5 months in which I estimate they’ll be used in total about 25k times (about 25 times on average per cup).

Generally the cups are taken home by our community, so will continue to be used in the future anyway

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Great, sorry but I am confused here.

You mentioned 2k-5k people , so how will 1110 cups will be enough for all of them? :thinking:


2-5k people attending per month, maximum at one time is approx 500

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Oh Okay, Got It Thanks! Awesome proposal for the reusable cups printed with NEAR logo :heart_eyes:

Please share the print design when it’d be ready.

It’s a no from me.

This seems like more of a creative DAO project.

I’m struggling to connect cups directly to engagement with Near and/or new wallets.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ve relocated and updated for the Creatives DAO :+1: