[Proposal] NEAR Zim Inaugural Two-Day Workshop

NEAR Zim Inaugural Two-Day Workshop Proposal


At NEAR Zim, we envision a future where every unbanked and economically active individual in Zimbabwe is empowered by the NEAR Ecosystem and Web 3.0 technologies. Our goal is to connect informal traders and farmers directly to the global economy through innovative blockchain solutions on the NEAR Protocol.

Social Media Handles

  • X: nearzimbabwe
  • Instagram: nearzimbabwe

Team Members

  • Yananai Chiwuta - Co-founder / Head of Growth (LinkedIn - Yananai Chiwuta)
  • Tapiwa Bonda - Co-founder / Business Development officer (X - pachikoro2)
  • Liliosa Padenga - Chief Technology Officer (LinkedIn - Liliosa Padenga)
  • Tendai Mafuwe - Research Lead (X - toyibee)
  • Lioba Bonda - Marketing (X - LNB877)

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: Connect informal traders and farmers directly to the global economy through innovative blockchain solutions.
  • Mission: Transform Zimbabwe’s transactional landscape by providing tailored blockchain solutions that enhance business operations for traders and farmers, making transactions secure, transparent, and efficient.


  1. Host an inaugural two-day workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe, focusing on the NEAR Protocol, Blockchain Development, and tailored solutions for the Zimbabwean market.
  2. Attract a diverse audience of traders, farmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and university students.
  3. Foster knowledge exchange between traditional and decentralized technologies.
  4. Launch a blockchain-based lending platform and promote NEAR Wallet

Event Overview: Adopt NEAR Today - Two-Day Workshop

The workshop will be a monthly event held over two days.

Day 1

  • Audience:
    • Original communities like vendors, sole traders, farmers, and developer teams.
    • Other stakeholders are also welcome.
  • Topics Covered:
    • The NEAR Protocol
    • Blockchain Fundamentals
    • Blockchain Sessions
  • Expected Participants:
    • 150+
  • Venue: Impact Hub Harare
    • Logistics
    • Marketing
    • Wallet sign-ups

Day 2

  • Audience:
    • Developers only.
  • Topics Covered:
    • Blockchain Development
    • NEAR Protocol Community Solutions
  • Format:
    • Held live and accessible online for the developers’ community.
  • Expected Participants:
    • 120 (Live)
    • 30 (Online)
  • Venue: Impact Hub Harare
    • Specialized sessions for developers.
    • Hackathon focused on NEAR Pro Solutions.

General Activities

  1. Community Building Workshops:
  • Held monthly, targeting vendors, sole traders, small to medium enterprises, and farmers to educate them on blockchain technology and the NEAR protocol. (Day 1)
  1. Developer Training on NEAR:
  • Train developers to gain the skills required to create blockchain solutions for targeted communities. (Day 2)

Requested Amount

Category Amount ($)
Day 1 Event Hosting
- Venue Rental $200
- Marketing and Advertising $250
- Snacks and Drinks for 150+ Participants $250
- Keypom onboarding links for two days. $500
Day 1 Subtotal $1200
Day 2 Event Hosting
- Venue Rental $200
- Snacks and Drinks for 120 Live Participants $200
Day 2 Subtotal $400
Total Budget $1600

Event KPIs

  • Onboard 100 new users over the 2-day event.
  • Onboard 5 devs
  • Generate 2000 on-chain transactions.


June 1 - June 7, 2024

  • Confirm venue rental and equipment requirements.
  • Reach out to potential speakers/panelists and finalize agreements.
  • Begin marketing and promotion efforts.

June 8 - June 14, 2024

  • Finalize event agenda and schedule.
  • Secure catering services for the event.
  • Arrange transportation logistics for speakers/panelists and attendees.
  • Design and print necessary event materials.
  • Coordinate with photographers/videographers.
  • Continue marketing efforts.

June 15 - June 16, 2024 (Workshop Days)

  • Set up event signage and registration desks.
  • Welcome speakers/panellists and assist with any last-minute needs.
  • Execute the event according to the finalised agenda:
    • Day 1:
      • Audience: Vendors, sole traders, farmers, and developer teams.
      • Topics Covered: NEAR Protocol, Blockchain Fundamentals, Blockchain Sessions.
      • Expected Participants: 150+.
    • Day 2:
      • Audience: Developers only.
      • Topics Covered: Blockchain Development, NEAR Protocol Community Solutions.
      • Expected Participants: 120 (Live), 30 (Online).

June 17 - June 21, 2024

  • Capture photos/videos for documentation and post-event promotion.
  • Conduct post-event evaluation and gather feedback.
  • Review and update workshop materials for future sessions.
  • Provide follow-up support for participants.

June 22 - June 30, 2024

  • Consolidate post-event analysis and impact assessment.
  • Plan next steps and outline strategies for continued community growth.
  • Identify key partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Team Wallet: coinmadizim.near

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It’s good to see you guys make this move after been onboarded in April.

I’m happy to support.

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I am happy to support your proposal, i like the idea of starting a new community with an event or workshop because this event will help you to get some visibility and traction
Your social media engagements is okay for me too.

Note: Funding is not a guarantee as a result of what happened in our May proposal, we believe that your community are continues adding value to the ecosystem with or without funding.