[PROPOSAL FOR] DedeukwuShryne To Host May Vodcast—

Vodcast irl, focusing on highlighting numerous building projects on NEAR Protocol

Hello Near People, Greetings :people_hugging:. This ecosystem has been a continuous growing one. I must commend the tireless efforts of us all. It’s impressive, huge improvements driven by the tremendous efforts put together From the Near Core to all the DAOs, builders, and creatives. The works you put out are greatly tremendous! Bravo! Big ups!
I am certain you’re all well. If In a way or two there are loops to some of your expectations and self predominated desires, I spur you and together we all can do so many more great things.

“There is no problem we cannot solve together, and only few we can solve by ourselves”
—African Wise Saying

I like to introduce you all to our irl Vodcast happening in the DedeukwuShryneHub. Live here. Focusing on highlighting new and existing projects building on NEAR; finely projected to give insights on the importance of Near and the opportunities it’s bringing through the role it’s playing.

This Vodcast will be solely aimed at bringing to their knowledge and educating them on projects; NEAR wallet, lazyfi P2E, metapool, and various other projects and the possibilities of the ecosystem and web3 at large.

The Vodcast will be achieved fairly and efficiently to keep up with other various means we at DedeukwuShryne community has devised to make sure we reach as many people out there, even providing support to those who may not have the means, through strong community, encouragement and give back service in reality for us all even on chain. We become, by helping others become.

Below states the insights and breakdown on how the Vodcast will be:

Vodcast irl recording, editing and modifying. Gathering information and sharing them through socials. Giving back to communities to get them sensitized about the ecosystem.

Each vodcast will be 10-20 minutes max, created in English with African pidgin English subtitles. We will adopt the use of a split screen to aid proper breakdown and practical illustrations. By doing so, the knowledge and information will be easily assimilated. Easy to understand fundamentals and principles through this Vodcast will help build understanding and nurture the roots of our communities.

Expected outcome:
We are centered on bringing spotlight to projects building on Near—NEAR wallet, lazyfi P2E, metapool, and many more giving full insights to communities and broadening their understanding to aid navigating their way through. We aim on building their interest with investment objectives.
The outcome of these will be massive adoption.

Activities and timeline:
Vodcast will hold weekly, irl. Recorded in the DedeukwuShryne with host carrying through with off chain onboarding strategies.
Kept up this May as we further discern continuation measures with immense success yardstick.

Vodcaster(s) $50*4—$200

Host lead —$100

Wallet - purpledot.near



Total- $340