[PROPOSAL] Near Mathematics Competition For Tertiary Institution In Nigeria

Hello NEAR Community!
I and my Team has been thinking of hosting an event with the aim of introducing NEAR PROTOCOL to Nigerians.

Bringing knowledge of NEAR PROTOCOL to the Nigerian students through Mathematics Competition.

We believe in learning by motivation and reward involving NEAR in this Process.

Benefits to NEAR PROTOCOL:
• Creating of NEAR wallets for every event.
• Bringing out the opportunities of NEAR to Nigeria Students.
• Getting Nigerian students involved in the growth of NEAR.

Event(s) in Details:
This event is to be a continuous process; hosting Mathematics Competition in each tertiary institution in the country. First event to be held in ABU (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria) https://www.abu.edu.ng/
The competition shall be in 3 (three stages).
General examination for 50 students before the stages. The stages are as follows:

• 1st stage general for all registered students (accommodating 35 students).
•2nd stage for students who passed the first stage (accommodating between 10-15 students) funding the new wallets with 0.3 NEAR to activate accounts.
• 3rd stage (Winner Announcement)
1st Position = 10 Near
2nd Position = 8 Near
3rd Position = 5 Near
4th Position = 3 Near
Consolation prices for (5th to 10th positions = 1 Near)
All participants from all the stages gets branded swags.

Fund Details :
Prices = 32 Near
Funding initial wallet (for 15 people) = 4.5 Near
Branded gift swags (for 50 participants) [pen, books, T-shirts, caps] = 40 Near

To reduce cost for Hall to host this competition, we have decided to lias with the Student Union Government to get a theatre within the school, reduced cost= 5 Near

Total cost in $ as at when writing this proposal from “CoinMarketCap” at $7.4 = 1 Near

Total cost for this competition = 81.5 Near = $603.1
Thanks :v:

@Dacha @Grace @IgbozeIsrael @Flexy @David_NEAR


This is really great. Hoping to hear what the core team will say.


Hi @Jeromemrys ,

Thanks for the proposal.

Are you part of an existing guild from Nigeria or have your own guild? What age groups are these students in?
I’m not quite certain that a math quiz is the most efficient way to help raise awareness about NEAR. Have you seen NEAR University? Perhaps there are courses that that your students could take up and get rewarded in NEAR.


Probably this is just an event and could lead him to creating a guild or partnering with an existing one.

He said tertiary institutions. This would mean the students would be from age 18 and above.

This is a great initiative!

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Hello @Jeromemrys this is actually a nice idea
I made a proposal like this and perhaps we will start operation soon

Near Block Chain Hub Operate as a grass Root community
Under The umbrella of The near Protocol Nigeria
Basically taking care of almost all the activities in Nigerian universities

And activities like Quiz competition won’t be exempted from our list of Events

It’s will be a pleasure to extend the Hub as quick as possible to your university after the launch in Akwa Ibom State University

Have a nice day


This is awesome.
@Jeromemrys could you take a look at this for possible Cooperation.


Yeah bro!!
Replied you Via Email…
We could work on something together… drop your Telegram handle…
This could be the beginning of another Gulld…
Peace :peace_symbol:

Feel free to reach out to me

Secondly being a guild on our own now is not a priority
We operate as a Grass root community under the NPK GUILD for the moment

It’s a Step by Step process :relaxed: