[PROPOSAL] Near Malaysia Jul-Aug



if you havent yet, please red our latest REPORT for the month of May & June here:

It sets the stage for the current proposal.

There, we mention the incredible traction we have gotten over the last two months.

  • We have quickly positioned ourselves, thanks to our pluridisciplinar and multi-ethnic team, as one of the leading communities in Malaysia.
  • With 50 builders and 680 members, we are making waves! No other L1 blockchain has a similar footing (except the defunct Terra with 500 members and an active community).
    - If we pull item #17 & specially #18, we are going to make NEAR become a household blockchain name in Malaysia. To have the honor to partner with a government organization to teach Malaysians about blockchain is nothing short of ambitious given we were born JUST 4 months ago.
  • We will continue focusing on education and Web3 entrepreneurship.


In our Report, we are outlining the following Roadmap for the next two months:

These are some of the events we have lined up for July and August.

  1. Several AMAs lined up (aiming to do at least one every 2 weeks).

  2. myBuilders (Malaysian builders) meeting for brainstorming & networking (scheduled first half of July, we want to make this a monthly thing)

  3. Attendance to events by partners & friends in the community (BNB Chain, Starkware, Future Trends…

  4. Attendance to university events (APU).

  5. Featured Speech on L1 Blockchains at the Future Trends Summit on 1st to 3rd July.

  6. August: next big physical event. Topic: L1 blockchains & Web3 Entrepreneurship.

  7. Start of the Referral partnership with Stader.

  8. Participation on Atocha, Octopus, Near Starter events.

  9. Study potential collaborations with Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) and other universities in the region.

  10. Finalize collaborations with MRANTI, myEG & Zetrix Blockchain.


For this, we are requesting the following funding:

I’d like to emphasize that this funding is purely to cover external expenses related to events. We are not getting any retribution for community management, transportation, etc.


Over the next two months, we intend to :

  • Hit 1000 members in Telegram and Twitter
  • Hit 80 members in myBUILDERS
  • Help connect 5 project founders create 5 pitch decks and connect to VCs (3 done so far YTD)
  • Help 5 projects submit Grant Proposal (1 done so far YTD)
  • Help 20 new Malaysians sign up for Near Academy & Near University Courses
  • Sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with MRANTI (govt linked institution) and myEG (public listed company).

Do let me know if you have questions in the comments.


Tagging my favorites: @Dacha @marketingdao-council
Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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Would you be able to provide more information on what this is?

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Hi Satojandro,
Seems Stader will be offering guilds the opportunity to get a small commission by referring people to their products. Nothing is confirmed yet but we are in talks, as are some other guilds.

We however do not expect this to give us significant income, but any help (maybe 10 Near a month, 20… ) can get us a step closer to our ultimate goal of being self-sustainable (i.e no need to ask for funding to keep our community alive and vibrant)


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[quote="[REPORT] Near Malaysia May-Jun, post:1, topic:23386"]
March Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report MARCH 2022 April Report: [REPORT] Malaysia Guild APRIL 2022 Funding Proposal Mar-Apr: [Approved] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr) Our KPIs on the last funding round were to achieve, in 2 months: • 500 members on Telegram and Twitter • 100 new NEAR Wallets by Malaysians • 100 attendees to physical event • 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer) Today, we are here: • 680 members on Telegram …

Great job, happy to support.

It would be great to talk about games on Near and Aurora. Thanks


Hey man, absolutely. I remember you told me that last time and I forgot.
Whom should I be contacting?
For example, Metapool guys couldn’t physically be in Malaysia, but they briefed me and gave me a slide presentation and I pitched their Liquid staking presentation (30 min) in the Event on their behalf.

I could do exactly the same with anything gaming. :slight_smile:

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Great! Let’s move on together/

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Thanks for the update.

Congratulations on the work so far and all the traction. Also happy to support.

Going forward, I’d love to be able to organise a meeting across the organising teams from APAC - Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia & NZ (who am I missing?!) So much talent and potential, let’s look for ways to share resources and experience to fast track every region’s growth