[Proposal] NEAR in LASPOTECH

We are dedicated to Onboarding Female Creatives from the University Campuses, Age 20 and above Into the ecosystem,



We will visit each Universities monthly, meet with the SUG to discuss about our event/seminar for an access which in most cases requires payment for registration and hall/space booking ,


To Educate about NEAR & Web3 Ecosystem

Building on NEAR
NEAR Token/Wallet

Side Attractions:

Talent Show
Wallet activation
Music Competition with the prize for the winner “Free 2 music recording and production, Music artwork with NEAR & Afrostar Logo, Free Music Video shoot and free minting of the content as NFTs,

To do this, we will need

A space for the seminar inside or off campus $200
Banner for the basic information about the event $50
Sound system amplifier rent & engineer. $190
Light Refreshments for 20 attendants creatives. $100
Near Wallet activating Gas fee 20$
2 Music production for the winner, Giving The Winner, NEAR related topic to sing about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(gonna be produced by a new producer from outside the ecosystem, for the purpose onboarding the producer also)
Production, Mixing and mastering of 2 songs $400
1 Music Video production for winner $250 shot by DAX
SUG settlement FREE because I’m also a student here, so it will be easier with that influence. (but in most cases, SUG charges $200 in case of other schools in our future project)
Graphics to be posted on school page $30
Post on school social page IG $60
mobility $50

wallet address: ifeoluwa1.near

Project managers
myself, @2keyz @bgem @Olababs @sterryo (teaching)

Metrics Of success

  • Onboarding of 20 and more female creatives into the near ecosystem

  • activation of wallets

  • creation and minting of 2 music NFTs for the winner

  • Creation and minting of 1 Video NFT for the winner

  • seminar’s covered images will be minted as NFTs,

  • covered videos will be posted on our YouTube channel to expose more about activities going on in NEAR Afrostar Guild.



This is a great project , I will love to be a part of this project when you looking into a new location. :slight_smile:


Thank you Fresh… Definitely, you will with us together for UNAAB :smiling_face:


Thank You Ife, we’ll detailed… such an improvement :clap:t5: And yea LG :ok_hand:t5:

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I can’t wait to hear that NEAR track from the winner specifically… awesome project


We await the date, fam​:boom:



Thankfully NEAR In Laspotech IRL Event Was successful!
the advert process was a bit tough because many students were off campus due to the recent ASUU strike. Regardless, we got Our Laspotech Female Creatives Liberated! :heart:

Education was carried on!
Music Competion Happend & We have our winner, (Mz POPULAH)

ladyawa.near, relwan.near
Taesirat.near Atinuke.near
Victoria3.near Faithfulart.near
JoyO.near Diorrla.near
Ozzy2.near Omodara.near
Okundaye.near PejuO.near
Jemila.near Niniola.near
Relwan.near Freddiejacob.near
Chisom1.near Emmygold.near Fadilullah.near Fawasnear.near Puala.near Amaka01.near Abaje.near Ayodele.near Bassey.near thebanams.near
Munroe.near SophiaO.near

  • creation and minting of 2 music NFTs for the winner
  • Creation and minting of 1 Video NFT for the winner : In Progress…
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