[PROPOSAL] Mixing & Mastering of 'Sun Woke Me Back Home' album by Hobie Hook

Sun Woke Me Back Home by Hobie Hook

This is a proposal for funding for the completion of the album. Mixing from Foggy (Foggyfra.near) and mastering by Francesco Borrelli.

About the project:

‘Sun Woke Me Back Home’ is a 10 track album. It is an album that is inspired and expresses the feeling of moving, more specifically moving back home.

The album was born after @nillynoon moved back home to Ireland and left his home in Lisboa. It is about moving from one home to another. The album features many collaborators from friends and family. It aims to include all these people who you share your homeplaces with. The family who have always been there, to the friends you are drawn to along your way. There are friends adding their voices, voice messages, instruments, laughs and inspiration throughout the album. The album deals with place and presence.

The album has been worked on for countless hours since January and it is now in its final stages of completion with only a few tracks needing their final tweaks and features from collaborators. The main final steps of the album’s completion are the mixdown of the tracks and also the mastering of the album.

What the funding is for:

The funding is for the professional mixing and mastering of 9 of the tracks as the lead single already received support for its mix and mastering. The project proposal can be seen here: [PROPOSAL] Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering of the collaborative first single by nillynoon - 'Back Home' - #3 by nillynoon

A snippet/teaser of this first single mixed (not mastered) can be heard here:

These steps are vital for this album living up to its full potential and for it to sound as full and alive as it can. The two collaborators for these steps are two incredible artists and masters of their crafts. It is a very exciting idea to have this album in their hands for the final stages of completion.


The album, upon completion, will be released on all streaming platforms, bandcamp and also a very limited handmade cassette release. The album is to also engage in the Web3 world. It will be uploaded to the exciting streaming platform Tamago. And also there will be an NFT series in tandem with the album.

A previous track on Tamago featuring nillynoon:

There are also plans for nft’s of the album to be minted in the Garden Collective Mintbase store.


  • June - Sending any already completed tracks to Foggy for Mixdown

  • June/July - Mixdown of completed tracks by Foggy and sending any completed tracks WAV’s to Francesco for Mastering.

  • June/July/August - Finishing of remaining tracks by nillynoon, including features from collaborators

  • August - Foggy completes mixdowns on tracks

  • August/Sept - Francesco mastering work on tracks.

  • September/October - All tracks mixed and mastered. 1st single released.

Funding Budget:

Mixdown of tracks by Foggy.
Total: $405

Mastering of tracks by Francesco Borelli
Total: $495

Subtotal: $900

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Hello all!

Just a quick update on this project. Everything is running smoothly, there’s currently

  • 1 finished (mixed & mastered track)
  • 4 tracks finished and sent to FOGGY for mixdown
  • 2 tracks with finished mixdown by FOGGY and soon to be sent to Francesco for mastering
  • Remaining tracks nearing production completion

There has also been a name change of the artist for the project. It is no longer ‘Dog Bless Us’ and will now be going under ‘Hobie Hook’. The proposal has been edited to reflect this.

More updates and previews of finished tracks to come soon!