[PROPOSAL] Metaverse Class days

[PROPOSAL] Metaverse Class days

Create a program of 4 digital art classes that have continuity, as in a course.


We think that by making digital art classes we promote the development of new artis and this generates more content for the metaverse artistic space. It also gives recognition for the teachers and allows the artists to meet other artists. With the art classes we can onboard digital artists that aren’t in the NEAR Protocol community as well.

The project

We will select a teacher to develop a series of 4 classes with continuous content.

  • Class (4 x 100USD) - 400USD


Week 1: contact the teacher

Week 2: organize the content; create arts to share the dates for the classes

Week 3: hold 2 classes

Week 4: hold 2 classes, edit videos, upload, mint them and finish the report

Final Products

4 classes; 4 videos uploaded on YouTube; 4 short videos minted on Mintbase.

Subtotal: 400USD


Submitting a request to set one of the classes at the time, convenient for Asia time zone , if it’s possible :relaxed::pray::orange_heart:


Well try to think of a friendlier time for it :smiley:
Also, they are recorded on our Youtube channel :heart:


[REPORT] Metaverse Class Days

Project participants


Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

We have 4 days of classes in a row with the same teacher. The intent was to make the teacher develop the knowledge that he want to share.

We recorded them and we are uploading and minting the 4 videos.

What we have accomplished in june

Share the class day

4 classes about creative poster design

  • creative quote
  • duotone
  • simple shapes
  • texture


It’s nice to have continuity in the classes to bring advanced knowledge. Maybe we can make the content more close to metaverse and not just art.

Next Steps

Make a schedule with a teacher to create a set of classes