[PROPOSAL] Marketplace of professional services

Team: @sebasgr @DarioFS

Hello, we have a proposal to participate in the DiR and we’d like know your opinions too.
Overview: Our idea is develop a platform to promote online work, which represents a great opportunity in this post-pandemic time, especially for countries with devalued currencies.
That serves as a marketplace for professional services. On the one hand, clients or employers can register, who wish to hire and on the other hand professionals from various areas who wish to offer their services, which will are represented by a non-fungible token, which is purchased leaving the payment blocked in the contract and later, Before the client’s satisfaction, the payment is derived to the professional, or if the client is not satisfied due to the unforeseen event, they can appeal to an intermediation, which will be carried out by the other professionals in the area who block a certain amount of tokens to be part of the jury, both parties will present their evidence and according to the vote, the term will be postponed in case of no consensus or the funds will be sent to the winning party. The jury being influenced to vote properly by an economic incentive given by the fact of winning tokens in the case of voting according to the majority, or losing part of their stake in the case of voting within the minority. Similar to Kleros.

To exemplify, let’s suppose that Alice is a programmer who passes a KYC to register in our platform and Juan is an entrepreneur who requires a website, for which he hires Alice, if he is satisfied with the work, he will not appeal and at the end of the term simply Alice You will receive the corresponding funds, then Juan will be able to give an assessment on the site and both will obtain a good track record within the platform. But if he is not satisfied with the work, since he did not meet his expectations or it was simply not carried out by Alice, Juan may appeal and the funds will be blocked until a vote is carried out according to the conditions explained above, if said vote favors to Juan, he will recover his funds minus a commission given as an incentive to the jury, which is economically justified by having a certain guarantee of the completion of the work; Otherwise, it will be Alice who receives the payment, now it will be paid in full and the incentive to the jury will be awarded from the platform’s own fund. Initially we think take a niche strategy, focusing on nutrition, an area with great demand for digital services and where we hope mediations will be really reduced, then it will expand to programming, where effectively the biggest setback when hiring online is usually due to disputes before the work carried out and the conditions demanded by clients, for which mediations will play a key role. Subsequently, any service with sufficient demand will be included in the platform.

Here a layout in Figma
Here the tentative Schedule.