[REPORT] Development of Marketplace BlockJobs (April 1 to 7)

Project title: BlockJobs - Marketplace

Initial proposal

One liner: Marketplace of Professional Services with intermediation through a DAO in the event of a dispute between professional and employer.

Project Schedule

Project Repo

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program.

Project members:


Results obtained for the team in the period:

We continue working on improving the user experience of our marketplace and attracting users. We are developing our business plan and our white paper, testing the contracts, adding people to the team and working on partnerships like the one we have started with Open Web Sandbox.
In addition to this we are writing technical documentation of what we have learned in DiR, we will publish 6 articles, in English and Spanish, we currently have 2 of them finished and for the following week we will publish about near-cli.js, creating a client for the frontend, my experience in DiR, deploying a contract on mainnet and the development of SubGraphs.
We will also develop material in video format and we hope to present the operation of our application in a showroom next week.

DiR experience
Cross-Contract Calls

Website: blockjobs.site
Website for testing: testnet.blockjobs.site

The project structure can be found in the following link, there you can check our Trello board to follow up on our workflow.

To know about how the team is organizing and developing this project we prepare a channel in the NEAR Hispano discord server called #:computer:-blockjobs, inside the channel the team records videos about daily updates.

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