[Proposal] MagicPowered SputnikDAO Reskin - Features & Fixes 10th July to 13th August

TLDR of the proposal:

Minor UI changes, user feedback implementation and bug fixes made to Sputnik v1 reskin

Detailed proposal - max 450 words, if more info is needed link to docs:

Implement of following changes:

• Implemented Server-side rendering
• Slim server implementation
• Updated Search feature

More details available in weekly reports

Potential ROI/impact on the NEAR Ecosystem:

Potential ROI/impact on the NEAR Ecosystem:

Directly enables the Creators + Communities priority of 2021.

Global search simplifies finding and switching between DAOs.

Amount of funding:

USD: $12,000
NEAR: $5105
TOTAL: $17,105

Project lead (internal/external):

NEAR: Jordan Gray
Magic Powered: Ravi Patel