[PROPOSAL] Mãe Solteira Records DAO Soluna's Photoshoot (April’s funding request)

Project Name: Mãe Solteira Records DAO Soluna’s Photoshoot

Project members:

Sofia Garrucho aka Astrea: @sophiatheastrea.near

DAO: maesolteirarecs.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Period: April

When it comes to New Media Criatives, Astrea (sophiatheastrea.near) is a very eclectic artist. They develop video-games, they’re a sound designer, producer, DJ, and also a journalist and copywriter.

Astrea is going to produce a photoshoot to illustrate an interview they made for Parq an online magazine that writes about music, fashion, culture and art, with the artist Soluna.

Soluna is a Lisbon-based Black Latina artist making futuristic, bilingual pop music that seamlessly blends Spanish and Portuguese. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and budding producer, Soluna brings her mixed background to life through a unique fusion of reggaeton and tarraxo rhythms.

Listen to “Flaca” by Soluna

Soluna developed her distinct sound and style after two years performing as a backing vocalist with Dino d’Santiago. Her dynamic live set, to be released in a forthcoming EP, is backed by DJ King Kami and includes tracks produced by UK broken beat legend Paul Seiji and Portugal’s Dotorado Pro.

The photoshoot will be with clothes from Kahumbi, a black trans owned Lisbon based Sustainable Slow Fashion brand, by Naára Saturnino.

Mãe Solteira Records is going to promote this shoot and interview, and Parq will advertise NEAR, giving its credits for funding this session. The artists will also have to create a near wallet and receive the payment in NEAR, requesting it on our DAO.

We need to pay for the rent of two outfits from Kahumbi and Naára’s hours of work during the session. The photographer asked for 200€, the make-up artist asked for 60€, Astrea asked money for the production and also for the lunches to the team. For the session we also need to pay 50€ to Soluna, for her time and work as a model.

This project will bring a lot of visibility to NEAR, since it will be promoted by Soluna and her label Altafonte, Kahumbi and Parq magazine.

Soluna Photoshoot
Kahumbi 2 looks + day of work = 108.28$
Photographer 216.56$
Make up 64.97$
Production + food for the team 244.72$
Soluna 54.14$
688.67$ Total
635€ = 691.20$ Total

After the approval, all payout proposals will be made on NEAR; members of the Mãe Solteira Records DAO council and members of the community will have the reference of 1N = $15.58.

I hope you like our monthly budget and agree with it! Have a nice month!