[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO Project - Onboarding

Project: Kin DAO Onboarding [$1000]

If you haven’t heard, we onboarded a whole DAO in January! We welcome EFAM DAO!

In February we will be continuing to guide EFAM through the NEAR ecosystem and prepping other communities to become DAOs when they are ready. We will also be continuing our on on one education with community members, funding their wallet creation, and researching how to cultivate a proper streamlined curriculum.

  • $300 - Research to begin curating onboarding curriculum
  • $100 - Funding the creation of new wallets, educating individuals
  • $100 - Prepping new artistic community to become a DAO in the next few months [Web3 education, envisioning, planning, wallet creation]
  • $500 - Guiding EFAM DAO through Web3 basics, NEAR ecosystem, Astro DAO, Twitter, Setting up their Mintbase

We got a little sidetracked last month but will touch base with the Onboarding DAO again to see if collaborations can happen here as we move forward.


We at EFAM DAO are excited to be a part of the ecosystem. Many thanks to @adrianseneca @godofnfts & the whole KinDAO team for holding out hand as we take these important steps~

(Now I’m going to go work on our first Proposal ! )