[PROPOSAL] Indonesia to the World by Svara DAO for May 2022

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[Introduction] Svara DAO

This program is made to introducing Indonesian traditional music and culture in modern production and song writing process. Each month, there will be different speakers that will introduce and giving education about Indonesian traditional instruments. The education is not just about the timbre, sound characteristic and traditional musical scales and pattern, but also the culture, traditions, and the philosophies behind these instruments. Each speaker will have three sessions each month, to give us detailed knowledge of the instruments.

The format will be an online class and open discussion through Zoom, because Zoom is familiar with Indonesian people and will be broadcasted also in SvaraDAO social media accounts.

For the first speaker we already contacted NoizeKilla Instagram , part of KunoKini, an ethnic music group in Indonesia that already performed in several international gigs. He will introduce the members to some of the Indonesian percussion instruments. Here are some pointers for this program:

  • We and our partner NoizeKilla will make an online class to educate all members about Indonesian traditional percussion instruments
  • He will educate about Indonesian traditional drum patterns and its correlation to western modern music
  • He will educate about the philosophy and the culture behind these instruments
  • He will also educate us how to incorporate the Indonesian traditional music in modern songwriting and producing

KunoKini - Synchronize Fest 2016

KunoKini - TV One


Total requested funds for the teacher: $300