[PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Twitter Spaces August 2022

During the month of August HypeDAO is going to continuing to use Twitter Spaces for onboarding, hacking the Twitter algorithm with “Comment Club”, community calls, collaboration meet-ups, and artist peer support.

The host’s responsibilities include community outreach and community building before and after each event using the speakers’ tweets and the Spaces recording. The host’s responsibilities will expand to creating graphics, going to other Twitter Spaces for greater community outreach and marketing, and arranging for special guests to speak. During the event the host engages the community, facilitates connection and collaboration, offers formal critique of art, and just encourages the small artists and single edition artists in the NEAR NFT community.

The cohost is responsible for managing speakers, checking new speakers to filter out potential trolls, bringing the speakers up in order that they request to speak, and help manage the flow of conversation during the event.

August has four Saturdays and we are planning four Twitter Spaces: $200 USD for host and $100 USD for cohost. $300 USD TOTAL

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