HypeDAO December Twitter Spaces Budget

The Twitter Spaces continue to be incredibly popular, with 30-55 people in the space at one time. The Spaces run for 3-5 hours. HypeDAO is able to onboard new members to the DAO, promote the Hype Battle and the collection program, share information about how to promote your art and succeed as an artist, onboard people who are totally new to NEAR, connect to other parts of the NEAR Ecosystem, and get NFTs in the wallets of collectors.

Due to the switch to standard time in the US during the month of November the Twitter Spaces are “too late” for some people and “too early” for others in our global community. In December HypeDAO would like to add a few extra Twitter Spaces at the opposite side of the clock to accommodate more of our community.

December 2021 has 4 Saturdays + 3 extra opposite side of the clock spaces

5N per space + time and a half for working on Christmas (we’re going to have the Twitter Spaces open for everyone who’s lonely, bored, not celebrating)

37.5 N total = $375 USD (1N = $10USD at time of writing)