[PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Blog June 2022

Blogs comissioned in May have not yet posted, and are scheduled to publish with our community outreach and onboarding events in June. For the month of June we are planning on one blog from Kodandi on the topic of resources for new artists to NEAR, and two more blog bounties on community topics. The blogs we received from the bounty are excellent and we look forward to welcoming more talented writers to the HypeDAO blog.
3 blogs $100 USD per blog = $300 USD

Blog post May 31, 2022 https://medium.com/hypedao/write-better-tweets-for-your-nfts-six-tips-for-nft-creators-a2e5174cf01b
May 2022 Bounty: https://medium.com/hypedao/write-better-tweets-for-your-nfts-six-tips-for-nft-creators-a2e5174cf01b

Commissioned blog An Introduction to Multi-Chain NFT World Building | by Fly Cloud Niners | HypeDAO | Aug, 2022 | Medium