[BOUNTY] Write for the HypeDAO blog!

HypeDAO is looking for bloggers! We would like to comission two blog articles for our Medium blog https://link.medium.com/CM05BbB8gqb
We are looking for articles on topics that interest the NFT art community such as NFT art marketing and promotions, social media and community building, art and design how-to, art history and design trends, NFT art in different communities around the world, and similar topics. Articles should be 500-1500 words and have at least one image. Please propose your topic, and HypeDAO will choose the top proposals. Bounty is $100 USD paid in NEAR.


Want too join this bounty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

propose the article you want to write!!

I love to join in this Project.

To write about “NFT Art marketing and promotions”

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want to join this bounty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello. Sounds intriguing. I’d like to write an article on NFTs in different communities on Near, focusing the lens on Filipino Arts in Near amongst others.

I would like to write about the topic: What is NFT art? Distinguishing NFT art from Traditional art

  1. What is NFT art?
  2. What makes NFT art so attractive?
  3. Difference between NFT art and Traditional art
  4. NFT art vs Traditional art: Which is better?
    Above are some key idea that I intend to write in my article.

Can you please be a little bit more specific? This sounds like it could be a very interesting and useful topic, but your proposal doesn’t tell me much.

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Sure. I noticed that there are several factions or groups for NFT artists. So the article will be an overview, history and inside peek into such NFT groups like Filipino Artists and their Art in Near. The article would also cover the distinctive features of their art.

Can you please tell me more about your idea? Any more specific details?

Will write the different kind of NFT arts. From the traditional and how they can be minted as NFTs alongside some marketing strategies that could be used in promoting the various arts.


Hello, good day

I will be proposing to write about the NFT community in the near eco system, how the big projects are surviving and are doing great compared to the up and coming which have failed to observe these traits.

I also will be talking about how saturated the NFT space is with Philippines and how they try to run their projects while most are still pursuing their education at large.

I also would talk about selflessness in the near eco, how students struggling to pass the day by are being selfless by donating some percentages of their NFts sales to orphanages and home cares.

Thank you.

I’m going to message you privately about this.

I will message you privately about this!

Blockquote Will write the different kind of NFT arts. From the traditional and how they can be minted as NFTs alongside some marketing strategies that could be used in promoting the various arts.

@Trojanhorse15 @Kelimite please hold on to your ideas while I get more money in the budget!

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Thank you @Sugar and @Purpledots for blog article submissions. The blogs will be published during the month of June as a part of HypeDAO’s onboarding events. I will update this forum post with the links with the posts when they are public.


Question miss @kodandi ., is their a blogged about how does NFT world created and whats the purposed of this NFT to people and how does NFT metaverse enters blockchain world.? What the source of it.? How they get exist.? Why become popular., how do they become popular to people and what is the value we can get after learning NFT’S to blockchain.?

Hopes someone who writes that in your blog articles too… It muchs more meaningful to other to read this article eventually who those not learning about NFT’s in Blockchain.

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I would propose to write on the topic - Digital Bragging Rights: What has society got to do with it?

alright. thanks. any update?

When will finish this event ?