After ask funds to search and elaborate the subject of the documentary based on the História de Bagagem, we are ready to move on and go to the script fase. To it, we’re inviting the writer @frnvpr to join us and elaborate the first script version of this DOC.

After consider a lot of subjects and after watch all interviews produced on História de Bagagem, we realised that the most powerful topic to shoot here is the drama to rent a house that all imigrante feel when arrive in Lisbon.

Everybody knows that have food and a roof is the minimum necessary to live and we wanna listen what the immigrants has to talk about it.

Shoot this documentary will give to the CUDO DAO an opportunity to jump to the next level of productions and create more jobs for our community. Also, we aims some festival that, with look, could show our movie and the NEAR brand as our sponsor.

Soon we’ll share here the 1º draft of this work.

Everyone is welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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  • Twitter: @cudo_dao

Would be a pleasure to participate in this project :)))

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