[APPROVED] production of the História de Bagagem for the month of October

Hi, guys,

After the second shooting month of “Histórias de Bagagem” and after see all of this project are giving to the peoples, I realize that is a good idea keep doing this project.

We are producing it with one month of planing and one month of producing and I believe that we can keep this way.

We’re had 7 movies as NFT on our mintbase but, tomorrow, after finish the translation, I’ll put more 3. That way, I’m ready to start the planing our next 5 interviews. So, I would like ask for some budget to pay the pre production of this new 5 videos that we’ll shoot on November (maybe with @chloe and @mecsbecs as new immigrants here in Lisbon :wink:).

Check our new videos on our channel

Especially this:

Tell something CUDORS =)


I’m down! Let me know when :upside_down_face:


Only wonderful stories :heart_eyes: