[PROPOSAL] Guidelines request + possible funding

Hello @marketingdao-council!

I am creating this [PROPOSAL] in the name of Incubadora DAO.

We will launch, in October,

In both, we intend to showcase our partners and NEAR is our primary partner and supporter. This would include LOGO usage and other references (e.g. links).

So, this topic serves to ask the council if there are guidelines put into place for this kind of situation. If there are no guidelines, could we request a meeting? If there are, and there is interest from NEAR to be showcased as a partner, where can I find the appropriate guidelines?

Furthermore, associated with these 2 specific projects, we will have a physical launch/exhibition of the works produced during the exhibition, plus social media engagement.

This topic can be edited if, after the initial dialogue, the council believes there is room for the request of funding. That is not the primary concern of this topic, at this moment.

The activities were already funded by the Creatives DAO. In here and in here, for example.

Regarding funding, if that happens, it could be directed to

  • website [quarterly]
  • social media [quarterly]

but, as referenced, we don’t have a proposal for that yet (1st things 1st).

I greatly appreciate the guidance of the Marketing DAO Vertical.
Thank you




This is great stuff, awesome to see.

A meeting to discuss whether the usage of the NEAR logo is permitted? I don’t think that’s necessary, I think we can do this asynch.

On that note, pinging some of the NEAR Core team who might have more insight on this (@jlwaugh @jcatnear)

If you’re looking to fund marketing activities, including social media management, then yes, absolutely, there’s room for a funding request there.


Perfect, easier for all :+1:

Thank you!

Great! These were already funded for the month of October, so, to avoid double funding, we will prepare a [PROPOSAL] for the month of November. By then, the website will be live and we will have a visual track record of how we use the Near Logo and our partners image. This will, I hope, make the job of the Marketing DAO easier.

Thanks so much @David_NEAR :raised_hands:


Current brand guidelines:


Thank you!

This should be the relevant part I imagine @frnvpr