[PROPOSAL] Guided Meditation - august

[PROPOSAL] Guided Meditation

Videos with guided meditation to give the listener/viewer an immersive, relaxing and a healing experience.


We’d like to create an ongoing series of monthly guided meditations to create awareness about this artistic and healing audio visual journey of 15-20 mins, which helps in getting direct experience of how meditations can affect one’s state of mind.

Apps like calm, insight timer and even youtube show a promising number of people who like to listen to guided meditations.

the project

Guided meditations - $500 - 5 videos.

  • We are taking out the writer as most the scripts had to be rewritten as per the meditation requirements and flow of the voice over.

  • 12 to 15 hours for all 5 recordings, editing and EQ for right voice effect including revisions in cae required.

  • These video sessions will be posted on our youtube channel to bring more traffic to our channel so more people can experience this immersive and experiential form of art.

  • We also will mint them at our store on mintbase to increase the transactions inside the ecosystem.

  • We’d like to create a NearHub gallery space in future, where people can go and listen to the guided meditations in the Spiritual DAO metaverse.

The budget for this is:

  • Voice-over/ Meditaion teachers(5 audios x 100USD) - 500USD


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of august 2022

Final products

5 guided meditation edited videos with high audio quality to be upload at out Youtube Channel and minte at our store in Mintbase

Subtotal: 500USD