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Mintbase Sunday

Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near
    Natasha Cremonese
  • Near account for payment: natashacremoneseartista.near

Project timeline: Collective mint achievement 27/02/2022

Title: MinbaseSunday77

The idea of the project is to invite participants of the Gambiarra store and also other artists in the Minbase-NEAR network to publish (mint) their art. An important strategy of the value at 0.77 NEAR is precisely to draw the attention of investors to the action, the value will be available for 24 hours (throughout Sunday) and after that time the work will no longer have copies and will cost 7 NEAR a single piece (if there are copies left). In other words, it is a special time to purchase a work of art from the Minbase-NEAR network.

Show the strength of the Minbase-NEAR network collective through the Gambiarra store and how it is possible to have punctual actions that encourage artists to continue publishing their works and creating.

MintbaseSunday Edition becomes NFT: The gathering of all visual works will become an NFT, to compose this final work a JPEG file will be produced with the list of participants’ names to be used along with the file that will become the NFT.
See the NFT of the 1st edition MintBaseSunday77

*Disclosure: In order to register the MintbaseSunday edition in the Mintbase-NEAR network, a list of the participants of the event will be organized, with name and link to the work.
Images of each publication made on the network Mintbase-NEAR will be prepared for a video production that will be published on Youtube channel and the Gambiarra’s COS.TV with a list of all participants with the link to the work of each one. In addition, an exhibition will be organized with the works at 3XR Space.
An example of how this will be done is exposed in two projects “Gambiarra By” and “MintBaseSunday” that can be checked here: gambiarranear | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Complete list of participants of the 1st edition of MintBaseSunday77

*Event poster: production of a poster to publicize the event on social networks, it will be minted and become an NFT, it will be distributed among the participants and interested collectors.

History: MintbaseSunday77 is an action that was born inside the Gambiarra store of the Mintbase-NEAR network. The 1st edition #MintBaseSunday77 took place on a Sunday, on December 26, 2021, with the participation of 13 artists and yielded an NFT with the gathering of participating works. We will do the second edition, which will be held on January 30, 2022, the last Sunday of the month.

The Action:
Always hold a special action for the Minbase-NEAR network on the last Sunday of each month. Invite Minbase-NEAR participants to mint 7 copies of a work for 0.77 NEAR each. Use the hashtag #MintBaseSunday77 both when mining (as one of the 4 tags, if applicable) and when posting on social networks.

We will send a request to Mintbase DAO for resources to onboard 7 people who are interested in the project. The boarding will take place in the first week of February. The counterpart of this investment is to bring through a specific action (the event) more artists to the Mintbase-NEAR platform, besides being an organic way of promoting Mintbase.

In the third week (13/02/2022) of February will be produced the graphic materials, and texts for the following week to be disseminated.
Dissemination: From 20 to February 26 will be organized the texts, poster and performed all disclosure and invitation in Telegram and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra store. This graphic material of announcement, invites artists to participate in the collective mint (no Mintaço).
Mintbase Sunday: On 02/27/2022 will be the day where the collective mint of all artists who participate in the Mintbase Sunday project will take place.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

Get people on mintbase in the first week
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and the proponents’ staff)
Organize the event
Guide people who come on board to mint
Be accountable at the end of the project
Onboard people in mintbase in the first week
Publicize and call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and the proposers’ staff)
Organize the event
Make Poster
Orient people who come on board to mint
Be accountable at the end of the project

Payment: USD 500 in NEAR

The amount to be divided between the two proposers 

SIGNATURE: Alexandre Macieira


Alexandre Macieira:

Alexandre Macieira is a photographer with more than 25 years dedicated to communication. He studied social communication and his photos are in many image banks, being used by national and international media. For 10 years he was a photographer for the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Secretariat, participating in various events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Today he is part of the communication team for the Rio de Janeiro City Hall.
Always very interested in technology and internet, he met the NFT universe in early 2021 and coined 2 photographs and 10 works of the series The Glimpses of Rio on the Hic Et Nunc platform.
In mid October 2021 he met the MintBase platform where through Gambiarra he has already coined 14 NFTs among photographs and works of art. In Mintbase is in development the series: Fast in Rio, Flying in Rio, Gambiarra by and Sunday Churches.
In early 2022 he won the Community Award of the NFT Holiday Theme Contest held by Mintbase with the photograph “OneNFTaDay #1 Happy New Year - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro”, his genesis of the project “OneNFTaDay” launched exclusively on the Mintbase network, where the challenge is to transform one photograph a day into NFT.
Besides the “OneNFTaDay” series, Macieira has been developing the collab “NFT Colourful Carioca” with artist Felipe De Vicente and the collab “Saint Collab” with artist IagoDS.
Currently, the photographer already has 35 NFTs developed by him on his Mintbase page.
http://alexandremacieira.com.br | alexandremacieira | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Natasha Cremonese:

Brazilian Visionary Artist 2D and 3D, Art Educator, Visual Arts Teacher graduated by (UNINTER).
Post-graduate student in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture (UNINTER). Workshop, Multiartist, seamstress, artisan, cultural producer.

Teacher/ Art Educator of people from the second childhood to the elderly.
Social Media in Octópode Studio @octopodestudio

Has several formations in the area of education and art, such as Social Educator courses, complementary formations as Special Education, Transversality Teaching, Digital Painting, Concept Art and 3D modeling at Revolution School.

She worked as an Art Educator/Social Educator in 4 social projects of MDSCS (Mitra Diocesana de Santa Cruz do Sul), Projeto Sol Maior, Cora Coralina, Santo Inácio e Querubins. Serving children, adolescents and elderly in social vulnerability. In addition, she has almost 3 and a half years of experience as an Art teacher at E.E.E.M. Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Santa Cruz do Sul), where she still works today.

She is one of the creators of the Collective of Women Project, in which she maintains a support group on Whatsapp where women (cis, trans…) exchange ideas, help each other and strengthen bonds. They share and promote information about laws, debates, the lgbtq+ community, culture, art, and entrepreneurship.

At 16 she developed the Free Art Project: Redirecting...

Participated in events doing live painting. In the Soundvision/Serra Gaúcha Festival (2017), Psyres/SCS(2019), Origins Gathering Festival(2020) and Online Festival KIZOMBAR A festa é do Povo é Fora Bolsonaro (2020). Besides working in the Management of the Kids Space and Workshops of the Origens Gathering Festival since 2016, performing inside the Festival the Free Art Project and that in the year 2020 (before the pandemic), executed together with a team of professionals, monitors and workshops, the Potý Project, which she was also the creator.

Potý Project: Redirecting...

She began studying digital painting in 2018, and since then she has been developing works, visual identities, and is currently creating her own tarot deck with her version of the 22 major arcana. Besides starting to walk the path of 3D modeling, which was a dream.

Substitute Councilor of Street Art and Culture in the Council of Culture of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Participant of the International Biennial of Psychedelic Culture and Visionary Art:
Initiation Ritual), Exhibitor of the Museum of Babel 2021, ABAV Art & Sensorium (Brazilian Academy of Visionary Art).


In the year 2020 she received the CULTURAL TRAJETORY AWARD of the city of Santa Cruz do Sul 2020 EDITAL Nº 002/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC .

Approved in EDITAL AQUISIÇÃO DE BENS E MATERIAS. Nº 003/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC 2020 Santa Cruz do Sul in the amount of R$6.000,00

Cryptoart Expositions:

First Exhibition of Psychedelic Cryptoart of Brazil (Dilated Pupil). 25/03/2021.

Second Edition of the Pupil Dilated Exhibition. 06/08/2021 Access:


Works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBON/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Works available for sale at mintbase:

In-Person/Physical Exhibitions:

Origins Gathering Festival in the year 2018

Origins Gathering Festival in the year 2020

1ª Amostra da Setorial de Artes Visuais de Santa Cruz do Sul 2021

Group exhibition, works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBON/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Works available for sale at mintbase:



Beautiful work!!!


Thank you very much for accepting the partnership of doing the project with me.


Hi, friends. First of all, congratulations for the project. I have some questions nevertheless. You told us that you are going to onboard people, but I did not see any request for funding these onboardings. How are you intending to pay for the onboardings? Did you request funds from another DAO? How many people are you intend to onboard with this project? Another question would be: why do we need 2 people doing the same activities?


Thank you for your comment. We are going to prepare the part of the proposal that will have the funding request to MintbaseDAO. We plan to onboard 7 people for this project. It takes two people to do the same activities because there are many and it is a specific action of one full day of work managing the action of at least 20 works, besides that the work is done with some advance notice, publicizing the action and embarking people, if more demand arises on the day we will divide ourselves so that we can fulfill the actions of the proposal.


Nice! Thank you for explaining, friend.


Let’s make Gambiarra grow together! Thanks for the suggestions!


@thephilosopher @macieira now only macieria is doing it [Approved] Resource for Onboarding - Mintbase Sunday - GambiarraDAO - MintbaseDAO


Sucess!!! Mintbase Sunday is very good project!!

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MintbaseSunday - 3rd Edition

Project Status: COMPLETED

Project accounting:
Perform a movement at Mintbase, through Gambiarra, with a Collective minting, on the last Sunday of the month.
Create the exhibition in a gallery on 3xR of the works that are participating in MintbaseSunday 3rd Edition.

Artists post the hashtags requested in the orientation and so we identify that you have signed up. #MintbaseSunday #GambiarraNear

We put invitations on posters of the event .
And you can find the links in @gambiarraNear’s bio

** Budget: USD 500 at NEXT

250 USD - ALEXANDRE MACIEIRA macieira.near
250 USD - NATASHA CREMONESE natashacremoneseartista.near

Project schedule updated:
In the third week of February the graphic materials, and texts to be disseminated were produced.
From February 20th to 26th the texts and posters were organized and all the promotion and invitations were done in the Telegram and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All the content was also available for dissemination in the social networks of the Gambiarra store. This graphic advertising material invited artists to participate in the collective mint.
The 3rd Mintbase Sunday edition was held on February 27, 2022 where 21 publications were made, beating the goal of the previous event which received 18 works.
Official-Event : February 27 was the official day where artists minted their works worth 0.77 Near and 7 Editions, and shared on their social networks using the event tags and @mintbase @gambiarranear

Highlights and comments:

We had 21 participants!!! And some had their works sold, like the case of @VinnieGCP94

We made 5 shipments:


Many artists have excelled in their research, shared their work with descriptions and amazing work.

Next Steps:
March’s MintbaseSunday of the Month will be on the 3rd Sunday of the month.


NFT Art for Publicity of the 3rd MintbaseSunday | 02/27/2022

NFT Participants of the 3rd MintbaseSunday | 02/27/2022

See the NFT of the 3rd MintbaseSunday

Exhibition Gallery 1 of the 3rd MintbaseSunday

MintbaseSunday 3rd Edition Exhibition Gallery 2

Complete list of participants of the 3rd edition of the MintbaseSunday

Instagram posts:




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Congratulations @macieira and @Natashacremonese

Thank you for your project and report!!! It was a great work!
You can ask for a payout proposal of 41.80 near (half to you, half to Natasha) on ASTRODAO.


Thank youu soo much!!!


@filmesdeinfiltracao thank you! :heart_eyes:

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