[Proposal] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023 - (Near DigitalFashion Dao)


It’s important that Near Digitalfashion Dao establish clear objectives before attending the event, by doing so we are ensuring that our participation aligns with the mission, values, and long-term goals of both our Dao and CDAO which will enable our Dao to make the most out of ETH Milan 2023 and maximize the opportunities available.

Networking and Collaboration: One of the primary objectives is to network and collaborate with other participants, developers, designers, and stakeholders in the web3 Ecosystem and blockchain communities. This will lead to potential partnerships, knowledge sharing, and exploring opportunities for joint initiatives or projects that will elevate the growth and presence of Near Ecosystem.

Showcasing Digital Fashion Assets: ETH Milan will serve as a showcase platform for our DAO’s digital fashion assets. The DAO will exhibit its NFT-based fashion creations, virtual clothing, or other digital fashion items, allowing attendees to explore and experience the DAO’s unique offerings firsthand.

Displaying Reallife Fashion Collection of some of our Web2 Community Members: our community is made up of both web2 and Web3 fashion designer and in representing our Dao at the ETH Milan the web2 community members will not be left out… Few of our web2 fashion designers will produce their creative collection mostly African inspired design like Ankara, Adire and other African imprinted fabrics, take pictures of them and mint them on our mintbase store, while the collections will be displayed during the ETH Milan 2023, to purchase any of the collection, you have to collect the NFT version of the collection.


Me and other of our Dao council member will be representing the Dao.

Ojukwu Johnson @Styleherbalist is co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao, a web3 fashion designer and a fashion stylist, He is also a production team member among the creatives representing CDAO at the forthcoming ETH Milan 2023.

Beatrice Luna @Beatrice is professional body art artist, a Digital art enthusiast, who also does digital marketing as a side hustle, she has been in this Ecosystem since September 2022 and has been active and as well contributing to the Ecosystem. She will be making sure every member who will be showcasing/displaying his or her designs(virtually or physically) is duly represented.


Web3 Fashion Industry Validation: The participating in a reputable event like ETH Milan will validate the legitimacy and potential of digital fashion as a significant industry trend. This validation contributes to the growing acceptance and recognition of digital fashion as a legitimate and innovative sector within the broader fashion and technology landscapes.

Community Engagement and Expansion: Attending ETH Milan allows our DAO to engage with its existing community members and expand its reach by attracting new members. The DAO’s participation can strengthen its community bonds, foster user engagement, and empower community members to become brand ambassadors and advocates for the digital fashion movement.

Investor and Funding Opportunities: ETH Milan will often attract investors, venture capitalists, and potential funding sources. The presence of a Digital Fashion DAO allows it to showcase its vision, projects, and potential revenue models to potential investors, opening doors for funding opportunities that can support the DAO’s growth and sustainability while will keep building on Near Ecosystem.

Flight Cost

N.B The charges on Ethiopian airline is in Nigeria local currency(Naira) and is subject to change. As of when this proposal was published the equivalent amount in dollars is about $1,177 each person and we have also submitted the Form, Invitation Letter Request for Visa

Total request number: $2000 USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet):




@Paul @kc_sollano seems like our ETH Milan Funding proposal was not reviewed or attended to or are we not part of this community?

Because according to the report [Report] CREATIVES DAO JULY 2023 FUNDING REPORT published yesterday by @kc_sollano is not on record that we summit a proposal on that direction… @creativesdao-council please look into this