Proposal for Rhyme N Flow in BeatDao for May 2022

Proposal for “Rhyme N Flow” in BeatDao for May 2022
This is a show that brings together MCs from all around the world to ‘spit’ or ‘drop bars’ or just simply sing on any of the beats presented by the council members of BEATDAO.
This is an activity where only three winners are picked at the end of the 7-day event where artistes will have to do the following

  1. Pick a beat from a list of beats
  2. Drop 16 bars on the beat
  3. Record yourself while rapping or singing
  4. Post on Instagram or Twitter and #BeatDAO#RhymesNFlow

What will be considered to pick winners

  1. Delivery
  2. Choice of lyrics on beats
  3. Style and dexterity
  4. Fans reception

Winners will be chosen by the Beatdao council members.
1st Prize : 100usd
2nd Prize: 80usd
3rd Prize: 50usd