Proposal for increasing interest in Near nft platforms

Art community “UNICORNS”.
A creative community, dedicated to the development of NFT art, with a large audience on social networks and ready to “promote all our projects”. It can be scaled if necessary.
The community preparing a project with comics. Made up of people, who have been making art on NEAR platforms for a long time, have a lot of influence and activity on social media. Have a separate DAO art.sputnikdao.near
We create ART associated with NEAR and helping new artists by buying inexpensive NFTs from them, explaining how to use NFT platforms, helping other artists adapt to the new blockchain.
Collaborations, nft giveaways are being prepared, as well as a project with comics - a possible title “The Near Future”. We plan to release at least 10 pieces of art for future comics per month. The goal is to constantly increase followers, thereby increasing reach and impressions for Near news. To onboard new people in the community, creating a positive image of this blockchain in social networks. Negotiate with famous bloggers and stars about collaborations and promotion.

Leading curators:
Telegram: Contact @melodynft - Artist
Telegram: Contact @animemnft - Artist, creator, screenwriter
Telegram: Contact @luda_create - Artist, author of the NEARFOX project
https: // - Marketing, creative, script.
The community also includes:
MELODY, MUKACHEVO, melodynft.near - Google Sheets
Each of the consuls, as well as each of the community of artists, can vote for the inclusion of a new member of the community in the DAO consuls or in the UNICORNS community. Community has a rapidly growing audience in art and crypto. I ask you to allocate the requested funds for 1 month 5750 $ SputnikDAO 2
MELODY, MUKACHEVO, melodynft.near - Google Sheets @illia @alexatnear @chloe @grace @vlad @mecsbecs @starpause @jlwaugh @Jessica


By the way, this is a very interesting proposal, considering such a strong “cooling of the market”. Right now we need the support and development of such an art series, and the support of other artists through the Unicorn art group.
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Good morning, like you and your artist.

Coulpe questions:

How did you support your artist in Near Community Award ?
What the role Infinity in your guild ?
When do you think artists will start earning money on Near NFT’s platforms without NF monthly support?

Thank You