[PROPOSAL] FOODRIDERS Digital Gastronomy Platform

Project Proposal: Foodriders
Target: foodriders.near

Foodriders is a collective of gastronomy, tech, design, music and experience professionals that joined together at the beginning of the pandemic to rethink what a modern food experience platform could look like.

We want everyone who eats our food in our locations to have a clear understanding of everything that goes into making it. We want our clients to see where every $ goes and how much we pay for what along the way.

Running a restaurant is hard, running a good one is even harder. We want to make that journey completely transparent.

Striving for verified sustainability, we want to highlight local producers we work with and not hide it when we don’t.

We are in a new world with new technology and a new responsibility.

We want to be a place to eat where our guests choose to spend their money because they know where it goes.

We want our Fans / Community to have real access and a real stake in our success, especially if they found us at the beginning of our journey.

We want to create experiences for our community that go beyond meals. (access to pop ups, member rooms, rewards, merchandise profit share, action meetings, cooking workshops, airdrops, etc)

Our main goal is to solve the problem of transparency in the restaurant industry with Web3 technology and create a direct communication channel with our community.

  1. We want to create a platform using blockchain technology to show provenance of each ingredient. Verifying and highlighting our suppliers. When we say, or any restaurant for that matter, says they are local, organic, sustainable or use the best ingredients available we want to be able to prove that and not just have customers take our word for it.

  2. We would also like to create a 100% transparency operations model that shows how much of our food price is spent on ingredients, transportation, marketing, staff, infrastructure and how much we keep as profit. We want to verifiably show what goes into making our food, how much we pay our staff and let people have more information when making decisions when they spend and on what when they eat out.

  3. We also want to create a direct connection of ownership with our fans and community with NFT tokens that give not only exclusive benefits and access but a real stake and input in the company and share in its success and growth.

We want to be a restaurant for the transparent, nerdy, design conscious generation who also want to be a part of things they like and not just consumers of things they are sold.

Old World Hospitality meets Nerdy Shit

As this is a large project, we would like to ask for a grant to come up with a roadmap, budget, white-paper and onboard our team.

We would like to ask for 1000$ for the following 3 tasks to help initiate this project.

  1. Create research and execution team 3 people (3 Devs)

  2. Create white paper, road map and budget for full project

  3. Onboard all Foodriders staff to Near Network (Kitchen staff, FOH staff, design staff, East Side Radio)

Overall Future Plan for the Project

Adapt and preparing our current structure to be Web3 ready (log in, payment with Near Wallet)

Build UX to integrate with our current proprietary software to use Near token/ NFT reward
program for clients and community members

1 person to create pilot onboarding program for verifying provenance with 1 local organic supplier that can be later used to onboard other suppliers

2 people to oversee and structure data collection and preparation for blockchain integration in the future for 100% transparency in pricing

1 person to document this whole journey on our blog

1 pop-up launch party where we onboard Foodrider community members (to be followed by monthly onboarding dinners in our spaces)

Timeline (12 months)

May 25 Kick off meeting with research and execution team

Jun 1 Working group and action chart created

Jun 10 Foodriders team onboarding to Near network (Kitchen staff, FOH staff, design staff,
East Side Radio)

Jun 15th Roadmap / White Paper/ and Budget

Jul 5 apply for funding again

Aug 25 Log in and payment integration between Foodriders Platform and Near wallet

Sept 25 Foodriders Token/ NFT community reward program on Near network launch

Sept 31 Foodriders onboarding pop up launch party for community on Near Network

Oct 15 Begin pilot onboarding process with local supplier

Nov 25 Begin linking data for 100% transparency in pricing to Foodriders Platform
and Menu

Jan 25 Beta test 100% transparency with 1 Menu Item

Feb 25 Report on Possibility for full Menu with 100% Transparency

Mar 25 100% Menu transparency launch

May 25 Program Completion and Status Report


d@foodriders.co Damian Irizarry


Calcada Poço dos Mouros 28
Lisbon, Portugal 1170-318


Beautiful proposal! Thank you, @Foodrider!


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Looking forward to this collab! Thanks, @Foodrider

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Very ambitious yet well-thought and organized proposal @Foodrider!
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