(Proposal) First A Manifesto (revised)

I encourage you to study the ecosystem better, join to the various communities/DAOs and see how they work, as i believe you are missing a bigger picture… It’s far from corruption.

Also, please share txs related with payouts transfers, which you think are “corruption”.


it’s disappointing that you are trying to turn something that is otherwise helpful into drama.
my advice to you is focus on bringing value to the ecosystem instead of leading with hate and jealousy, and stop projecting, not everyone is a thief. you do not deserve a response from me, so this post is for other community members who stumble on this.

since i joined the community in february, i’ve participated in as many activities as i can.
i am very passionate about giving life to these daos and bringing attention to them.
through the cts project, i spend my time onboarding new members in my immediate physical environment.

my first and only nfts so far were minted on the nxm store, my first role as the discord moderator to blaqkstereo came after participating in the daos guinness world record attempt, a role that i quit to take on moderation for c1 foundation.
my reason for quitting despite wanting the renumeration is because i had extra responsibilities (irl) and didn’t want to give anything but my best.

planet lukukul is a passion project, linked directly to me as a rap artist. planet lukukul hasn’t received any funding yet. and i cannot wait to collaborate with all the daos i’ve built a relationship with when planet lukukul is activated.


Hey, all thank you for weighing in on this.

I think this confusion by whoever Naboto is illustrates my point in the original post above:

Artists/creatives have a deeply collaborative way of working, which only lends value to the growth of DAOs and the ecosystem. YET, if we are/continue to be misunderstood, this will threaten our involvement, and lend to a constitution that could exclude us (something I know is not in the best interest of NEAR) and would lend to an ecosystem that does not have respect for the individuality of the creative “nations” of DAOs.

We need to continue to clarify how we communicate our (creatives/artists) function to the expansion of/goal of 1 Billion people into the NEAR ecosystem; what we deliver, and what our networks of collaboration mean to a growing community. Because bottom line, Collaboration is NOT Corruption – collaboration is our superpower.

All I can end with is this – wait until the film people and the Bands show up! They have crews they work with loyally for decades, and they love to expand their collaborations, globally. We need to be ready for their rapid ability to execute on projects and create an environment where they don’t feel attacked for working together (which is just about the weirdest thing I have ever heard!) – because that too, losing film and music people, would be a bloody shame.

Peace and love to all, there’s much to learn from each other, let’s keep trying!

@creativesdao-council @Dedeukwu @reespect @palomak @Paul @Cryptonaut


I’m also new here but very interested and active since I got here and I’d like to thank you so much, @sarahkornfeld for bringing us a philosophical, social and inclusive way to keep building possibilities, freedom, and independence through art having tech as our ally.

I am an independent Brazilian artist and educator and a living saved by art. Personally, I am also a decolonial and anti-capitalist agent because racism and insane competition for unsustainable amounts of productivity and money have never been functional for all of us anyway, and most of us are socially condemned to extreme poverty, imprisonment, and death in the process.

I could observe that some comments here come from a very common place and reproduces what we, as creatives, are used to face socially and It comes from capitalism naturalization. It makes collaboration uncommon through a competition logic. Since most of us were born and raised in a capitalist context, most people don’t even question where common sense comes from in the end of the day. The fact is that artists always collab and it’s even more necessary in nations with high inequality rates because we definitely cannot survive alone and we definitely cannot wait for the government to do anything positive at all (this one is specifically for us, Brazil kkkrying).

Anyway, I see descentralized processes around blockchain platforms, but I still see so many contradictions that, when I start thinking about, could’nt be different. Structural ideals are taught to us as statics concepts, then conservatism manifests unconsciently and we’re so immerse in capitalism chains that, collectively, it’s a very complex process to emancipate.
I understand we’re not exactly in a anticapitalist debate here, but descentralizing is, by consequence, an anticapitalist narrative because of capitalists usual centralization, and at descentralized platfomrs, centralization is still possible, because such as racism, capitalism is a living organism already, then it all tangles into common sense.

In addition, I’m from diaspora but I’ve been imerse in black culture since before I was born and it has brought me amazing phylosophical refs to build my ideals for reeducating myself as a better part to society, and a simple word says a lot. My manifesto proposal is Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is about collective conception, is reconigzing I can only be me in relation to other, and reconigzing the impact of a single life as part of a hole community. This philosophy made me understand my value as a social development agent and got me closer to people who had similar intentions, saving my life again.

Sorry for the book and thakns for oppening this dialogue! Hope we can keep letting poetry save us :seedling:


Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights and I hope we will learn more about Ubuntu from you! We will certainly be the better for Ubuntu!


Sarah, thanks for the post. It’s great to review the underlying background of constitutions and their desired intent.

Regarding the quoted text above, I think it makes great sense to clarify that while blockchain has underlying technology “infrastructure,” it is also a new industry. That means it has the potential to provide opportunity. So when think about the NEAR constitution it is in this sense. Meaning that there should be opportunity without exclusion unless local laws prevent it, as that outside the expanse of the communities control.

I believe the constitution will aim to define the community’s rights and separation of power to define “freedom” in the context of the NEAR ecosystem. This is in no way the final or most correct to say this, but a thought.

It is in the context of the working groups that we must define the questions the constitution answers, and I would believe that in no way would be exclusive, but inclusive.


I understand how this could fall under the velum of “transparency,” and it is a great topic for the rules that should govern the ecosystem.

Should someone be allowed to be a member of multiple DAOs and be paid from them? My personal opinion is absolutely (unless in the case of a conflict of interest or abuse of power). Is that the case here, I have no idea. This is also why we need a dispute resolution process.

However, I believe we should frame things in ways that work toward the good of the community instead of being ensnared in pointed efforts to discredit without complete factual information. The blockchain and DAOs keep a record of transactions but not of intent. This is a far more complicated topic to address, and we do not have the tools yet. Illia mentioned this point during the working group session just today. Transparency and truth are not always the same thing, it is only when decision-making and intent are made “clear” that the information is available to make a possible judgment.


@TayOlua I deeply thank you for this great words you put down here!
These are words we need to listen more, so we can move towards a real inclusive and new system. No more to add, for instance. Only reading you again and again.

and thank you @sarahkornfeld for opening this topic, and bring the humanity to this discussion!


Creativities is one clew of corruption when the same leaders create similar DAOs to mine money from the Ecosystem and avoid limits ($5000). Please spend a couple of days reviewing all proposals. As a candidate for the President post, you should understand what’s going on in Community and separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, separate people who came here to bring additional value from people who mine money.

Start here: [Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Thank you, @blaze I think the idea of the constitution as a working document is spot on. And, this is a place for opportunity and everyone surely should have access to that!

It’s a very exciting time right now. Thank you for your feedback!

@blaze, yes, we most certainly need community understanding and clarity on this (and a place to dispute should it be necessary).

I’d like to continue to try to help “translate” how the arts/entertainment and Tech have/don’t have similarities to help us understand each other) In Arts and Entertainment…

  1. Creative teams work together for years and years. We move from project to project with each other because trust each other and can deliver. Arts/Entertainment and Tech BOTH work this way.

  2. Partnerships in Arts/Entertainment and Tech are also similar in that we FORMALIZE partnerships, agree upon IP and revenue splits, and generally make announcements about those partnerships. Arts/Entertainment and Tech BOTH work this way.

  3. Teams and people in Arts/Entertainment and Tech AS A WHOLE pay each other to do work. If you work with a DEV team for years, you might pay individuals and groups what they are worth, and move with them to wherever they go…so, you have an ongoing, trust-based payment process. Arts/Entertainment and Tech BOTH work this way.

Let’s not EVEN dive into how the ENTIRE tech industry is based on equity ownership, shares, and accepting stock in lieu of actual money. Is this corruption? To your point, it’s all about intent. Yet, if we have decentralized DAOS, where everyone has ownership and we are transparent, it seems we are on a better path. Yet, agree, a place for formal, well-intended disputes is a fine idea.

Though, to be clear about some other comments made here, there is so much energy in the creative space here on NEAR that people are working with those they’ve JUST MET. That’s an expansion of your network, and in business, as in life, this is good.

Though, if you DON’T see the arts or entertainment as a business, or creatives/artists as relevant, you might see this as siphoning off a corporation or community(a la NEAR). And, this is an age-old complaint, “Why should I pay taxes to support culture?? Why should you artists and creatives get paid at all?” – in other words, “You guys are ripping us off and hoodwinking us!” But, that is not what is happening. Here’s why:

** NEAR protocol has us all walk through a very unified and specific process:**

  • Submit a proposal to a DAO (in this case, Marketing or Creatives)
  • Have that DAO evaluate for approval, they can and DO reject proposals
  • Upon approval, you need ANOTHER vote from the collective DAOs to approve your funds
  • You then must SUBMIT and agreement to the Foundation your Poll (Again, NOT paying other DAOs for approval)
  • The Foundation does another vote and THEN the funds are disbursed to the DAOs
  • Provide a report with metrics when the project is done
  • Start the process all over again!

That’s a LOT of procedures engrained in the process. HARDLY one for quick money. Also, it’s all above board and we are working within what NEAR itself has built.

So, again, we need to really understand how creatives and the (soon, they will be here!!) entertainment people work in teams, pay those they trust, and run their businesses in the arts and entertainment with very real returns (cultural and economic).

Another thing, just WAIT until people figure out how to create FAN DAOS – they will be another source of connection and financial support for the arts and entertainment. That too is not graft, it’s a built-in part of building an audience, and it will benefit the NEAR ecosystem with wallets, DAOS, and more people (again, towards that 1 Billion person goal).

I hope this is supportive. My primary point is to keep the dialog positive and informed and also share ways to help us all understand each other.

@creativesdao-council – Have I missed a step in explaining our funding process?


Sarah, thanks for the clarification. What would be helpful would be to take this particular community group and roll up the key takeaways:

  1. How can the process be improved
  2. What is good and should be preserved
  3. How does this apply to the overarching constitution and governance framework?

We are defining an ecosystem-wide constitution and governance framework that will focus on the broader strokes of community, governance, and funding. The intent is the decentralization of ecosystem development, growth, and sustainability. Technology is absolutely a part of the equation but not the entire focus.


@Naboto going through the post you’re addressing the issues in a rude way.
Argument is suppose to lead to a solution else it’s a waste or exchanging utterances.
We can argue in a friendly way since both parties disagree on a theme, and the best way to argue is to agree on same goal. When arguing and no conclusion or solution it’s implies no result.
In some aspect @Naboto is right as the creative needs restructuring and voting principles.
As I don’t see a code of conduct or guidelines that governs the creative community.

I would outline some issues and hope for change

  1. The creative accepts proposal from only DAO but most times people receive funds to personal wallet

And this proposal was approved. Though later changed the wallet cause @David_NEAR complained.
How can a DAO fund go to personal wallet? :eyes:
And how can a DAO consist of 2 members? So what if I propose a DAO with my account and a fictitious account which is also mine meaning I can open a DAO and get funded? That’s risky to community funds the higher the number of DAO members the stronger the DAO.

  1. Financial equilibrium:
    Most people propose funds higher than the original amount :arrow_down:

And I fell @Dacha words wasn’t considered here cause he wasn’t part of the creative leader I guess and this made me considering the proposal of @mixmore on this post :arrow_down:

We need a financial system and people in charge of that too.

  1. How can a proposal be approved by the creative mod on forum and need to be approved by DAO on Astro?? :thinking: I have never seen a proposal approved on forum and rejected on Astro so with my calculations all approved proposal are always approved by the DAO cause most DAO are nonchalant on viewing proposal before voting they just vote :ballot_box:
    A question if the proposal that has been approved by creative gets rejected on Astro by DAO what next? Would the creative change the proposal from approved to close or rejected?

Why not DAO do the question on forum and approval on forum then the creative mods vote yes/no on the CFC on Astro.
This would reduce random tags of DAO to vote on the creative group. Since the creative has to vote and also bring engagement on forum and make DAO councils active too on forum.
And hope @NDC_Comms gets to find a better solution on this.

  1. Delay of funding from NF most times change plans and arrangements of DAO as people work with time and has already map out their responsibilities or events

  2. A community member been a council member in multiple DAO especially when the DAO has voting power on Astro it’s manipulates fair voting system

While Marketing

  1. Delay to replying proposal, as most proposal get replies late while we’ve minimum of 5 council to vote. At least the council members can devote at least 2hrs of their time for the community on forum.
  2. Marketing council making a proposal and been approved by fellow council of marketing needs to make a pool to the community DAO for approval for fairness and proper voting
  3. Since I’ve been 1 year plus in the forum @David_NEAR has been so committed in the marketing and Ecosystem in a while as he has been always active and brings justice to the community interest even when he stepped down from the marketing council he was and still active :clap: and @Dacha always active too and has an eye of an Eagle watching and making comments on forum.
    This is my own opinion, I didn’t point fingers or have anyone in mind just giving my thoughts to the community from POV as democracy implies major power are been vested to the people and the majority of the people decisions are been considered over minority

Concerning abuse or disrespect of persons on forum we need commission and forces in charge of having the rules implemented as I’ve mentioned this before :point_down:

Thank you guys for reading and hope we grow together and become part of the top Blockchains with great governance
Together as one we all achieve more


Hellow, i’m a little bit sick here, so I will be short in my answer (sorry, i dont want to sound rude)

This was made cause, when KYC was added to the rules for getting approval in proposals, all the daos set one person/wallet to it. Latter it change and come back to the DAO wallet and put the kyc apart. I just didnt get the modification, and did as soon David talk about it.

Hope i can clarify this issue

30% of the funding set for council work is on the rules of creatives.

cause moderators arent the hole comunity. I regect some of the proposals in the astrodao (my vote) but most of the trial are made by moderators. But in the creatives DAO we set this structure (i think its diferent in mkt dao) cause we want to decentralize power .

because of that there is a rule of only be in the concil of 2 daos with power vote

hope i can explain some point. I have considerations about other things but i’m not okay to sit a long time in the pc

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Thank you for an excellent job for Near Community!


@beetlejuice and @Psalmy Thank you both for your feedback.

I am in no way shape or form a Dev, though I respect that you are thinking through the process to unify and make fair across the board how we manage our business as DAOs. I look forward to learning more, and I know that creatives would love to give feedback about how to improve any and all processes.

I would suggest some kind of group call where creatives and Devs can all talk together and we can give our feedback and ideas. It’s a team effort for sure.

Thank you again.


@blaze Thank you – yes I totally agree and can do – though I would add to your three points to review is:

  1. What is the value of /vision for collaboration for the ecosystem (for growth, social + creative innovation, and tech innovation)

  2. What level of representation MUST we have in governance and within the constitution

How does that resonate with you?

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nice conversation here!!


Hi all - thank you for reading and contributing,

HERE is a link for a recap and report for next steps:


Well thought of, finally a common ground for equality and liberty.

Happy to support :heart::pray:

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