Ndc community engagement draft

Following updates given by @blaze on the NDC, @Dabbie3229 and I have been able to come out with this Community Engagement draft for the community to look to have their say for a final document to work with.


Given the diversity of the NEAR community members in terms of race, age, experience, and location, there has been richness added to the community, and due to this, and the future looked at, there needs to be a set of things to look unto as a united body in working together. This is not a ring that everyone is boxed into but something we all should refer to as a strategic manner of interaction to drive us to the NEAR future.

These codes apply anywhere you work or deal with members of the NEAR community.

  • Online spaces. Includes Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and the forum.
  • NEAR events, off and in-person events
  • Working with other community members
  • When speaking of the NEAR Ecosystem in open spaces
  • When representing the NEAR Ecosystem at offline and in-person events

The NEAR Ecosystem is an open place where anyone can contribute by active or passive participation, regardless of age, race, location, experience, gender, personality, and religion. In this vein, the NEAR ecosystem grows faster and richer.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have a safe ground for all, and hence, we see that everyone should consider the following.


In dealing with people all around the world, we have to be cautious of the use of language as many unharmful methods of speech aren’t bad in some areas but bad in others. A community member MUST use a moderate method of speech in dealing with others.


Every member of the community must take into account that people could get offended by your method of presentation. Hence, apologies as needed, and take corrections for future purposes.


You must learn to accept that every member of the community holds every other person accountable for actions and answers to unclear situations. Hence, you have to do well to answer respectably.


While working, reporting, and answering others can be difficult as people respond to things differently, it is required that you can still present your view, and speech in fairness of speech and not react to how things are thrown at you. This will make it easier for even others to understand you better.


It is proven that two heads are better than one. Hence, lean to NOT always feel to be right, even though you think you are. Remember that diversity brings better and faster growth.

Learn to allow others to present their views regardless of what you think. This will help others grow and meet up the pace with you as time gives us all a chance.


While speaking is a choice, being silent is also. Remember that you can choose not to speak on a matter at all (NOT WHEN YOU HAVE TO REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY). This could be due to a sensitive discussion or one that could get you off your decency in speech. You are free to let the community know and be silent for the time you feel like it.


You should not think everyone will always talk, or address issues the way you will. Even when you are wrong or they are. This will help in accepting people and give room for growth.


As we pursue the NEAR future, you should always lead the activity of transparency as you demand others this will make things easy for others to follow good examples. Growth cannot be achieved with just positive vibes by words and no suitable actions.


NEAR community gives no room for violence and you should not find yourself doing such either o or offline. Lo, you need to note that being passive in the act of violence is also not accepted. You should also not insight someone else to be violent or be self-violent.


As we seek this growth together, we will often disagree about many vies but this doesn’t give room for personal or collective attacks. This has no room in the community and should be a no-go area for everyone that seeks to be part of the community.


The community shall not condone any foul language that has to do with age, gender, religious, racial, economic status, social background, health, sex, etc. to avoid creating discrimination by use of words, stay away from words you are not sure of


Activities during on and offline events that are against other people’s private space or choice WON’T be tolerated. These are such as;

  • Excessive use of alcohol or other recreational foods by oneself or pushing others to do so.
  • Making gest of people who abstain from intake of certain recreational liquids, pushing them to drink, and talking to others about people’s choice of not taking these drinks.
  • Giving negative words or gestures about people’s choices
  • Inappropriately exposing one’s sensitive body parts or pushing others to do so
  • Making gest of people’s dietary choices.
  • Championing ill behaviour

Those who engage in these will be treated in the same way as these activities are treated.


This document is subject to any form of changes as the community deems fit. This isn’t to give room for some certain ill activities but to make the space a better place for interaction.


In our quest for growth and decentralisation, which has been achieved to the point we’re at today, we need certain guides that will regulate where we have certain activities for clarity and openness.

With the fact that we have social spaces such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, the Governance Forum, etc, we need to know where to talk about what and when. By this, we are going to categorize these spaces into two.

  • The Governance forum
  • The Social media spaces.


As the name implies, this should be a place where

  • Key decisions about the ecosystem are talked about and decided on. This is not to throw an open space for others to beat down the enthusiasm of others but help in the growth of the ecosystem.
  • Community members get support to carry out community-related activities to grow the ecosystem
  • Projects who have received grants report to the community the stages of their milestone. This is to help both new projects and the community interact and offer help/solutions where and when needed.
  • Conflicts between community members that are gone out of hand are resolved amicably.
  • Ecosystem updates are first posted for community awareness. This is for all updates that have some negative implications if not followed. Such as when there are upgrades that will take a while before community members start using certain products.

NOTE: New forum accounts should not be taken seriously except after a proper introduction that is verifiable. Not necessarily identity verification but engagement verification in terms of proof of work within the ecosystem or community onboarded from. This shall help in giving a direction to where everyone is coming from.


These spaces are both for the general public and community members. Hence, not all activities should be carried out in them. Such as including activities such as:


  • Inter project partnership announcements
  • Project activities for community growth and marketing
  • Communication of project’s details to the outside world, etc


  • Conflict resolution with fellow community members
  • Sell out of community members
  • Fake identity. This has to do with members of the community who aren’t employees of the NF posing with tags that present them as employees.
  • A place of financial advice


Given the chase for a perfectly decentralised community, this question is very important. We can observe that the community has three strategic sets of people.

  • The experienced
  • The enthusiastic
  • The pure novices

While we can’t exempt anyone from being part of the community, strategic situations or positions should be filled within the choices for learning and mass building.


These are those who have what it takes to handle the community due to their past works and can also be categorized into a. Those behind the scene and b. Those regular on the forum and other media handles.

Within this category, much can be said and done but for decentralisation to have its place, they all have equal opportunities to take the bull by the horn. Such can take leadership positions in strategic offices within the community


These are those who have a mild knowledge of the ecosystem and are eager to learn and contribute to the growth of the system. These are allowed to get engaged in community expansion activities to get used to the ecosystem and method of doing things. This means such can’t hold certain key positions except being employed officially. For example, heading strategic positions that affect the ecosystem much more heavily.


These sets are purely new to the system and only have to take time to follow communities built and get their hands on tools within the community to grow their knowledge and presence.


We can’t for the sake of decentralisation put key positions into the hands of an unknown person, given that the forum doesn’t have a 100% guarantee of identity verification. However, consistency on the forum brings a level of trust.

Hence, what and what could be used to test who should handle what?

  1. Wallet stat gallery to prove especially AstroDAO activities
  2. Verified identity by NF
  3. Three to five months old and active profile on the forum with tangible contributions to ecosystem growth
  4. Known within the ecosystem projects, guilds, and or communities.
  5. Have a good record of using community funds and answering to the community.

Every position that has to do with community engagement shall be rotated after six months to allow other community members to make their contributions to the ecosystem.

This shall always be a council of six persons who shall be involved in handling

  • Conflict resolution
  • Work with the NEAR Core in handling guild operations in terms of community work points.
  • Verify the Early project report on the forum
  • Set out a further road map for the community


The purpose for which the Near Digital Collective is organized is to be consistent with the aims and objectives of decentralisation as pursued by the Near Blockchain and web3 at large. Achieving core decentralisation is quite tricky but can be remotely executed…

Given this, the rules are set to guide our organisation towards maintaining a peaceful environment for peaceful coexistence amidst the Near Protocol community.

Hence, a committee shall be set separately for conflict resolution. This committee shall comprise six council members who have proven to have active and good listening skills.

Hence, if two community members are engaged in disputes in the forum, the involved community members are expected to present their disputes to the Conflict Resolution Committee.

It shall be the committee’s work to convene a meeting between the involved community members.

They shall be keenly listened to and judgment shall be passed thus:

The defaulter is compelled to render a written apology to the other community member with a promise of better conduct in the future.

If the defaulter refuses to apologize, he or she shall receive a monthly Ban from the forum. Therefore he or she will not be permitted to:

  1. Participate in any forum discussions
  2. Participate in any forum deliberation nor
  3. Participate in any forum engagements.
  4. He or she shall not be allowed to post or participate in any bounty.

After one month’s Ban, he or she is expected to return to the forum with a written apology and be ready to sign an undertaking.

On no account should any community member bring up a private misunderstanding to the forum, unless the misunderstanding directly or indirectly affects the workforce around the community.

Thanks and looking forward to every suggestion.


This is a good way to start. Great effort.


Impressive love the rules and hope every team leader sticks to it of approved also is there any penalty for breaking the rules.

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Detailed yet to the point. I like it.


Greetings to the community.

I’m Boma Samuel popularly known as “psalm” and not to say much I would like to elaborate on the community guidelines.
Yesterday was my 1year anniversary of been in the forum, and I’ve been active and also follow up chats and post too….
So I’ve made this post to help assist and also support the community engagement draft, we all are humans and expected to make mistakes or errors so we need to learn how to take Corrections from our mistakes

What brings us together as a community?

NEAR: Near popular know as Near Protocol, with fully understanding what “protocol” as an official procedure, level or system of rules governing affairs of state,community or an organization.

Protocol is simply a set of rules guiding and governing a community and in my own opinion community members, moderators, council leaders, leaders etc seem to show less concern about this rules while some still abide by the protocol that governs the community.

Making research on different definitions of Near on wiki,coinbase,livecoin watch, medium, Binance and near.org they all have different definitions of near but the key words includes, decentralization, scalability, secured, DAPPS, simple and an open source for developers to build on.

Near is well know for transparency

When smt is said to be Transparent : Is something you can see through, something not hidden and as Near is known for transparency all activities on near is been posted on the forum for everyone to see, contribute, comment, support, collaborate, learn and also make new friends.

As a community member on the forum IMHO what I’ve observed from community leaders on forum that lacks transparency

  • Most leaders reject proposal without reasons, as people who submitted proposal would want to see a reason why their proposal was rejected or not supported
  • Leaders supporting Co-leaders proposal without questioning the proposal is injustice and unfair to the community
  • Making vote on proposal on a call (off-forum) without prove of audio or clip of the event is not transparent and lacks decentralization, as all discussion should be made best on the forum
  • Voting on a DAO as a moderator cause you’re part of the DAO or a co-moderator is involved even when the DAO doesn’t follow guidelines is seen as unfair to the community
  • Closing/Approving a proposal without the majority vote or agreement is a form of power advantage and it’s discouraging to those who power is not vested to
  • Inactive DAO or member with voting power should be voted out, in this way vote can be carried out swiftly and faster, mostly when it’s an AWOL

As an active community member on the forum my observation from my fellow community member lacking transparency

  • Members opposing fellow members, leader or laying aligation without prove or information about what they’ve said.
  • Members requesting for funds on Astro without information on forum concerning why they need it


What we should do to help us improve and be united

  1. Contribute: we all as a community need to contribute on the forum for progression and growth, as we are correlated to Near blockchain

  2. We should assist on justifying proposal and tell if the proposal is going to make impact or promote near

  3. We should always support near by using the provided tools and infrastructure for voting,Defi, NFT etc

  4. We should make bounty on forum and not outside the forum, so as to support nearians with open opportunities


Suck puppet accounts : this is an account assumed to be opened by someone as a fictitious account for their personal advantage and this not accepted in any community as it is prohibited :no_entry_sign:

Discriminate: discrimination is been unjust and unfair to other categories like age difference, race, sex and lack of skills as we are one community we should respect each other’s personalities

Nonchalant: Most people are nonchalant when it comes to Near activities and they show less concern then later contribute or state false news due to been inactive or less concerned

Power Advantage: Most use power and rank of post to bully people in the community and make others with less power feel irrelevant

Racism: antagonism of individual in the community is against the rule of community and individuals as we all are one

Scam: any form of scam is not acceptable, be it fictitious account, misleading of members, making promises you can’t keep to, introducing a project to take peoples money or information from them etc


I was introduced to Near through a friend introducing OWS open bounty to me, and I was able to earn and make content for Near.

The community need an open opportunity with different categories in which the community can engage or involve to earn and contribute to the Ecosystem

  • Provision of job: providing job for the community help builds the community and keep the community active and make people functional and useful
  • Allocation of jobs: duties and responsibilities should be shared among members,if members are not fit for the position an online/offline course can be provided to the communities.
  • Provision of more infrastructure and tools to make activities easier.
  • Paying more attention on our democracy policy

We need to be strong individually to make a strong community, lack of activities, unfair justice, disrespect etc can bring withdrawal of members and inactive members.

And I think we need a committee in charge of making people abide by the rules, code of conduct and protocol of Near. This committee can be inchage of making sure people abide by the rules and also teach about democracy, code of conduct, and also other schemes that would make Near the best community and as to grow in unity

You can:

  1. Add to my post
  2. Comment to it
  3. Subtract to my post or correct me where am wrong
  4. Contribute and add your thoughts
    Thank y’all :blush: have a good day

On point. Thanks for opening this dialog. I’ve been part of this community since February and in my experience, which is very active, it’s never been more awkward and inappropriate some behaviors, than it is now. I would love to get more involved but I confess that makes me lazy when I see certain decisions and attitudes. I’ve been questioning these days: what am I doing here anyway? It hasn’t been easy to keep the mojo… Fake profiles, fake profiles everywhere. Incredible projects without support or that could not even begin. A lack of knowledge and care with the context and multiple realities that coexist in the ecosystem. The idea of ​​a business plan is completely opposite to the subjectivity of creation, thus the low quality of returns in the denial of proposals… A community in such a bad climate ends up spreading bad lives. Shall we improve? We must, sooner rather than when there is no other way. Peace! Thank you, you’re welcome. :revolving_hearts:


Nice work @IgbozeIsrael !


Thank you, @Psalmy Your draft seems like a great one. May I add some other thoughts for consideration?

  1. I ask us to consider rules around leaders who are totally NOT transparent about their identities when acting as voting members. I know that there are some feelings/opinions around being able to be anonymous – though this seems reasonable only in the context of the identity of the person being protected for humanitarian or macro-political reasons.

Can you imagine if we have IRL governments with voting senators named “CrypoXQ444”??? Right? so, why would we have that here? If someone votes, accepts, or denies funds I believe that they need to have a way to share their expertise, context, and idensitty. It’s only fair.

How shall we address this?

  1. I would also suggest that much of the “awkward” (as you say) statements about others here are very close to legal slander. If we are looking to have alignment with proper legal frameworks, we also need (perhaps??) a set of clear guidelines about what is considered slanderous. People should not be the victims of false accusations and character assaults, and they should not be done. Yet, we need to share what we consider slanderous since different nations IRL have different rules about the matter.

  2. Re: proposals and how they serve NEAR – this is layered because DAOs contribute to the ecosystem not necessarily in a set way – for example getting people’s wallets and bringing social innovation programs into NEAR really DOES advance NEAR. So, it’s not all going to be BRAND or TECH enhancements for the DAOs.

Might it make sense to try to create a framework for the community to weigh in on that CLEARLY states what we all consider to be “Make an impact or promote NEAR” – this way it is really fair for EVERYONE to weigh in from their region, expertise and POV?

Again, thank you. It was great to meet you on the post I put up about a Manifesto. Here to help!


@sarahkornfeld thanks really do appreciate

Lol :joy: the “CrypoXQ444” cracks my ribs so funny that’s really anonymous identity.
I agree with you honestly.
Most especially when huge funds need to be entrusted.
I know it’s a decentralized world on crypto but it’s noticed by me that we’re now a family and need to know each other at least facially cause most members are already know facially either on YouTube, Nearcon, Zoom calls and other ways IRL. Just imagine Near core founders keep hiding their identities many wouldn’t trust the system IMHO
This would also be taken into consideration

With permutations we would be able to correlate the different rules & regulations from different states or country and give guidelines concerning slanders from community members on what is accepted and what’s not.
I think these would fit in our constitution as we need one to govern our community

Am really grateful for your support and contribution.
It’s nice having people like you around as I aspire to be like you some day :blush:

When all is concluded on the iteration and development of NEAR community, I think we need forces that would be assigned on the forum to make sure this rules and regulations are abided to and everyone has to follow the constitution.

Just like IRL we’ve the police, army and other forces in charge to moderate rules in the state or country
More ideas can come in as this is a draft


Hello @sarahkornfeld and @Psalmy.
Great ideas you all put here.

Some of the things you mentioned are marketing related and will have to be addressed by the marketing working group and the others, we do it here.

You could help by stating some of these so we can add it to the document when done? That will help a lot.

Also, lets not stop bringing up ideas to make the community engagement working group a WORKING GROUP​:grin:

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@IgbozeIsrael Hi there! Thank you very much.

Are you asking for ideas for some of the frameworks for how to measure value to NEAR here? I’m happy to do it – though I also suggest that we INCLUDE the creatives and artists and entertainment people into that exploration. One person cannot answer it all :slight_smile:

Re: keeping this a working group – how can we help do that? Tag people, or did you have a different suggestion?

Best to you

The working groups are categorized but still open for everyone to add their suggestions and criticism at any time.
So, it’s open for all. That’s why I did put out this draft to help get us started

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I’m starting to think that we need a few things for context to be able to ALL to understand the value of creatives, artists, and entertainment here – for funding, yes, but also to have a deeper sense of value for what they bring to the platform.

I would suggest three levels to understand and categorize:

  • Social Innovation (Groups and individuals)
  • Mixed genre projects – IRL and On Chain
  • Professional Teams/Production Companies for projects over 15-20+K

Art and entertainment is not a ONE size fits-all value. There are different ways to understand art/entertainment just as there are different ways to understand technology.

So if we have these three groups (by NO means a final suggestion, you have value in the following:

- Social innovation, artists working in the field and bringing NEAR and crypto to communities to change their lives (this is already happening all around the world)

- Art/Entertainment that is INNOVATING on NEAR leveraging and hacking NFTs, DAOs, and the chain itself for distribution of work (growing audience, onboarding, wallets)

-Multigenre and Multi-DAO projects and global programming– again, innovation, but also the expansion of community and reach – non-trivial

- Larger production companies working DAO to DAO with 15-20k Plus budgets – reach to the audience, marketing dollars to move the brand of NEAR out to more people, on-chain innovation, and IP developed on the platform.

These are just some examples, and perhaps the marketing DAO/We should consider these as only a few ways to attribute value. IF creatives keep coming (and seems they will) they will be more and more sophisticated and experienced about their own value, so seems we might want to wrap our heads around this pretty soon.

Is this helpful?