[PROPOSAL] Explaining Web 3.0 - illustrated video

Hello creatives! Here is a proposal for Children of The DAO June Projects

Objective: Creation of a video to explain Web 3.0, using illustrations and an infographic to visually exemplify the main concepts of this new phase of the internet, such as decentralized network, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and how the Near Protocol is situated in this new scenario.

Target audience: Young people and adults interested in investing in cryptos, NFTs, DAOs and using new technologies such as dApps, DeFi, AI, etc.

We will continue our series of videos on our Youtube channel using visual arts so that more people can understand how the crypto world works in our current daily lives. Thus, realizing that the technology involving blockchains is simple, safe and accessible to everyone and that it is not part of a distant future, but of our present.

In this video we will cover the following topics:

  • Old Internet: Web 1.0, structured information system where it was basically made for reading and difficult to publish content. Web 2.0, emergence of social networks, in which your data is kept by a few big companies creating a lack of privacy.
  • Web 3.0 with its decentralized online exchange of information and value system and how it impacts our current society.
  • Blockchain network, cryptos, tokens and the difference between proof of work and proof of stake systems.
  • New technologies and their daily uses such as dApps, DeFi, DAOs and NFTs.
  • The future of web 3.0

The illustrations will follow the line that we have already used, visually summarizing the concepts explained to facilitate understanding, memory and can be shared by users. We have already made a “seek and find” style infographic with the intention that parents and educators can teach their children and students about web 3.0 in a playful way, but now we want to make new illustrations that can be used in the video and for young and adult audiences, who are newcomers in this environment.

The project will follow these steps:

  • Research and elaboration of the video script and idea for the illustrations
  • Creation of illustrations and organization in an infographic
  • Video recording using illustrations for explanation
  • Video editing, vignette creation and text insertion
  • Upload video to Children of the DAO YouTube channel


  • Producer: will research the topic, create the video script and follow the entire process (400 usd) @whoiscavenaghi and akirasan.near
  • Illustrator: will make the drawings and create the infographic (450 usd) akirasan.near
  • Presenter: will present and record the video according to the script (200 usd) akirasan.near
  • video editor: will edit the videos recorded by the presenter and create vignettes and GCs (titles, info bars). (200 usd) nimoon.near

Total budget Asked: 1250USD

All the created material will be available for the community in Creative Commons and will be access for any who has interested.

Below are links to videos already produced, as well as illustrations, infographics and teaching materials that we make available for free.

Workshop - Online Comics for Parents and Educators
cartilha workshop tiras.pdf (2.5 MB)

What is a DAO - Illustrated guide for newcomers

Infographic - Welcome to Web 3.0

Expected metrics:

About 16 drawings to illustrate the concepts of each part of the video: 2 to explain web 1.0, 4 for web 2.0 and 10 for web 3.0 concepts. These images will be grouped in an infographic, along with the Near logo, summarizing what was explained in the video, as was done in the “comic strips workshop” and “what is a DAO” videos.

Video posted on Youtube between 12 to 20 minutes that will be added to the other videos we have published and will continue to publish during the year, with the intention of content marketing for our DAO and Near, following the theory of the long tail . The expected number of views, based on the last videos we posted like the “comic strips workshop” and “what is a DAO”, is between 50 to 100 people organically in one month. But we are planning to use paid traffic to reach more people.

2 posts on instagram, one in the form of a carousel presenting the video and the topics covered along with a call to go watch it on our Youtube channel, and another later, with a single image, remembering the video post and again with the call to action . We also plan to implement the use of paid traffic so more people are aware of our video production and other content, our DAO and the Near ecosystem.

Thank you for the attention - awaiting for feedbacks and comments.

Children of The DAO Councils

cavenaghi.near - @whoiscavenaghi
akirasan.near - @Akira
natashacremoneseartiosta.near - @Natashacremonese


I’ll not comment on the funding asked. but this video looks informative, I like the graphics and the theme (ps. i don’t understand the language)
thanks for the effort

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Hi! We just made a cartoon you can use if you find it useful for the subject you are asking. It is about Blockchain for the kids and wide audience :person_gesturing_ok::european_castle::owl::deciduous_tree::flying_saucer::last_quarter_moon_with_face::person_raising_hand: Here is the link: The Mystery of the Blockchain - YouTube

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Thanks for the comment. The idea for this video is to be informative and attractive, if you liked the graphics, that’s a good sign.

We have made our content in Portuguese targeting the public here in Brazil, which has more than 212 million inhabitants, and other Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, in Africa, in addition to Portugal, of course.

And thank you again for the time spend reading the project.

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Wow man, what amazing animation. The script is very good, informative and fun and even has a song to make everything even more excited.
I like the idea of ​​using robots as part of the blockchain, we are using that in our illustrations as well.
I will definitely use this work as inspiration and quote it in our videos, thank you so much for sharing.

Tanks a lot! That’s why we made it :smiley: Glad you like it and that you will use it :person_raising_hand::robot::flying_saucer::european_castle::owl::last_quarter_moon_with_face::deciduous_tree::person_gesturing_ok:

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